Pokemon Go Player Loses 12 Kilograms, Walks 225 KM While Playing Game

A Pokemon Go player that lives in England lost 12 kilograms (about 28 pounds) and walked 225 kilometers (the equivalent of five marathons) to catch Pokemon.

An English Pokemon Go player by the name of Sam Clark has apparently discovered that playing Pokemon Go is good for losing weight. Clark has apparently caught all 142 Pokemon that are available in the United Kingdom, losing 12 kilograms of weight and walking 225 kilometers over the course of his Pokemon Journey.

Pokemon Go has been responsible for a lot of news headlines lately, both the good, the bad, and the outright bizarre.

Over the course of his journey Clark caught a total of 1,390 Pokemon, with the majority of that duplicate Pokemon in order to evolve other Pokemon that he caught. To end the hunt he caught the rare Pokemon Lapras near a Primark store in London. But catching all 142 Pokemon isn’t just fulfilling because he’s caught all of them.

Clark, a business owner and a father of four children, said that it’s also nice to be able to fit into old jeans, and that he’s now found that it’s good to help relieve stress. It’s a good thing that he’s done all that too. He was able to catch all of his Pokemon over the course of 20 days, and 225 kilometers is the metric equivalent of five marathons.

Any other Pokemon Go player could report similar results; as Pokemon Go requires you to be up and moving around in order to gather more and more Pokemon, you’ll likely be doing a lot more walking as you play. The fact that Nintendo and Niantic released the game a little after summer started has undoubtedly also helped players work up a sweat.

If you’re a Pokemon Go player that could see the game as a good way to lose weight, you can start by walking for at least thirty minutes. According to British health experts, a 200 pound person can burn close to 200 calories from a 30 minute brisk walk. Walking 85 minutes above the distance you normally do can help a person lose one pound a week, so long as you also watch what you’re eating.

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