Sony Confirms To Make Fewer But Better Games in 2019 And For PlayStation 5

Anybody who got the PS4 is no stranger to the great games and specifically exclusives they had last year. This includes the greats like God of War, Spider-Man and so on. The emphasis on these games was quality, seeing as they were single-player cinematic masterpieces. Sony looks to be doubling down on this concept by promising fewer but better games in 2019 and for the PlayStation 5.

Sony Interactive Entertainment boss Shawn Layden spoke about how he and PlayStation plan to avoid the missteps EA and multiple others took. He added that he was willing to even delay releases if it meant a better product in the end. That’s something a lot of developers need to take note of. Looking at you, Sonic 06.

“As the exclusive developer for PlayStation, we always have to set the high-water mark, to push the technology further than anyone else.”

Sony has already talked about their plans regarding the next chapter in cinematic storytelling. This could very well be a follow-up on that exact statement. A well polished and memorable experience takes a while to craft. I mean look at the gap we had in God of War 3 and the one that swept the game awards last year.

This is especially refreshing to hear in a day and age where single-player games are shunned by the industry. The botched up launches and sales of games like Battlefield 5 and Fallout 76 should be proof alone that multiplayer isn’t a free pass to success.

We’ve still got a few upcoming single-player games to look forward to, like Sekiro Shadows Die Twice or Cyberpunk 2077. There’s even the duo of impending PlayStation games we need to see. I’m talking about Death Stranding and Last of Us 2 of course. Both these games are either going to be seen from Sony in 2019 or on the PlayStation 5. Who knows?

This is still good news nonetheless. I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say this, we prefer one high-quality game instead of a bunch of mediocre ones. No hundred copies of Fallout 76 will make-up for even one copy of Fallout New Vegas, y’know?

Regarding what Layden said about the future of PlayStation, this could also be tying into the speculation of an early PS5 launch. One that may supposedly happen due to low PS4 sales last year. We’ll get most of this news in the event that Sony has planned, seeing as they’re not coming to E3.

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