Analysts Expect PlayStation 5 To Launch Earlier Because Of Lower PS4 Sales

This news might have something to do with the Nintendo Switch outselling the PlayStation 4 in Japan this year. But either way, analysts are now estimating the PlayStation 5 will be coming out sooner than we thought.

“There are even more drawbacks as we expect the slowdown in growth in the Games division will be a very likely PS5 launch for the coming fiscal year and the associated cost of launching a new platform. It’s definitely not as positive as the headlines suggest It feels a bit negative overall. Strong gains from the game software were offset by higher advertising and marketing costs aimed at increasing PS4 volume. We’re on the fringes until we can better assess the gambling risks,”

Could this mean that we’re closer to the next chapter in cinematic storytelling?  On one hand, we’d all definitely like that but on the other hand, it means the PlayStation 4 would become obsolete. While the corporation is in fact ready to move on, are we as consumers?

It’s also worthwhile to speculate as to why the sales even under-performed. It’s weird considering how the PlayStation 4 had a very successful run recently with all its exclusives. Plus those same exclusives, specifically God of War which also swept the game awards of 2018. Including a game of the year win.

We had fantastic experiences like Spider-Man as well. One of the best Spidey games since the original Spider-Man 2 on the PS2 and Xbox. The PlayStation 5 might hold prosper for the franchise yet.

Sony also had Horizon Zero Dawn which was a wonderful new intellectual property from a fairly new studio. The PlayStation 4 exclusive blew everybody away beyond their expectations.

What could we be seeing on the PlayStation 5? Sequels to these games like the confirmed God of War and Spider-Man ones or newer IPs like Horizon Zero Dawn.

Hopefully, we have enough time to thoroughly enjoy the PS4 while it lasts.

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