Payday 3: 99 Boxes Blue Keycard Location

Finding the guard with the Blue Keycard can be a little tricky.

As one of the more difficult heists to complete, finding the 99 Boxes Blue Keycard is how you curb some of that difficulty in Payday 3.

Your sole objective here is to steal some experimental high-end electrical equipment from a cargo dock. Naturally, there are a number of guards patrolling both the exterior and interior container areas.

Now of course you can use the tried and tested method of going in guns blazing to complete the mission. But for those who want to use the stealth approach, this mission is quite a challenge, especially as after a certain part you are required to use a mask which greatly hinders stealth.

One of the ways that stealth is aided in this heist is with the Blue Keycard, a small item that can be found around the belt of one of the guards in the storage yards.

The Blue Keycard is used to open the security office located in the warehouse to disable the security cameras on the map. This will give you more freedom to complete your heist without worrying about a guard watching your every move.

How to get the 99 Boxes Blue Keycard in Payday 3

You will find the 99 Boxes Blue Keycard in Payday 3 on the back of a guard who can be found in the secure cargo areas with containers.

To get to him, you will need to make your way to either the East or West storage yards depending on which yard you are given while playing 99 Boxes. It changes randomly for every player.

So, gear up with your best stealth build, or just grab a silenced pistol, because you still need to complete about half the heist before you can reach the guard with the Blue Keycard.

Start the 99 Boxes heist as you normally would by hacking the phones of both the guards at the entrance. From there, sneak your way between security guards and security cameras until you reach the warehouse.

We recommend that you play with a full crew of friends as this will greatly streamline the process by splitting tasks more effectively.

The Warehouse

Once you reach the warehouse, equip your mask and enter through one of the truck containers at the front or one of the three doors at the sides. We recommend using the container as it is the closest to the getaway truck.

After entering the warehouse, hug the right and locate 4 wooden boxes out of which, at random, one will contain liquid nitrogen coolant, an important mission objective that needs to be loaded into the getaway truck.

After doing this, depending on where the computer spawns, you will need to go to one of the two offices on the second floor and hack the computer to find out whether you need to go to the East storage yard or the West storage yard.

It doesn’t matter which yard you get as they are simply mirrors of each other and the 99 Boxes Blue Keycard location in Payday 3 will be the same, at least relatively.  

The Storage Bay

After finding out which bay you have to go to get the equipment, you will see a marker that will point you toward a zipline. Ordinarily, it spawns behind the flag on the second floor but sometimes it may spawn in an orange container on either side of the shipping yard.

After securing the zipline, head on out to the marker which will show you where to place the zipline to access the storage bay, you can access it by climbing on top of a yellow truck.

Once you’re in the storage bay, you have to locate the guard that is carrying the 99 Boxes Blue Keycard in Payday 3. After locating him, carefully take the keycard from him so as to not alarm the guards or any of the civilians nearby.

The guard carrying the 99 Boxes Blue Keycard in Payday 3.

Where to use the Blue Keycard in 99 Boxes?

Once you’ve gotten the 99 Boxes Blue Keycard in Payday 3, go find the security office in the back of the warehouse, under the stairs to the right.

Funnily enough, there used to be a 99 Boxes bug that gave you access to the security office without needing the Blue Keycard. This, however, has since been patched.

Use the Blue Keycard to enter the security office of 99 Boxes.

Once inside the office, kill the guard monitoring the cameras but remember to answer his radio call so as to not alert anyone. This will deactivate all the cameras on the map for the remainder of the mission.

Though getting the Blue Keycard for 99 Boxes in Payday 3 can be a fun challenge, the time wasted on going back and forth between the warehouse and storage yard may be considered as not worth the hassle for some players.

Especially as time is a very important constraint for the quality of the actual objective of the mission, which is the electrical equipment. 

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