Virtual Console Might Still Arrive on Nintendo Switch After All

Last we heard was a sad news which pointed out that Nintendo Switch console, will not be included in the Virtual Console service. Before that, there had been like tons of rumors and speculations about virtual console service on Switch, to include a variety of titles.

However, all that was put to rest has been awakened once again, as it appears so that Nintendo Switch virtual console section has been added to eShop java-script object notation.

Provided the fact that this news is true, it would mean that the categories that are supported, will let Nintendo Switch console play older games that were previously not available on this console.

This news comes from a Twitter user who goes by the name, KevDoy, who has given confirmation over it. According to him, a virtual console section has been added and the categories include, SNES, GB, GBC, Nintendo 64 and Nintendo DS.

So if this is true, it means that games that are available on SNES, GB, GBC, Nintendo 64 and Nintendo DS will become playable, on Nintendo Switch.

Having said that even before the Switch console rolled out, there were a few rumors which suggest that GameCube games would be joining Switch with Virtual Console. However, since the console rolled out a great many plans, seems to have gone through some major changes.


Hopefully, this time if this news turns out to be true, then there is quite a lot that we can actually expect. With all that said, it is pretty amazing to see what Nintendo Switch has achieved in such a short span of time. Now it seems like handhelds consoles which used to own the market like PlayStation Vita are actually leaving the competition for good, leaving Switch to own the market.