Octopath Traveler 2 Enshrouded King Boss Guide

Enshrouded King is the last boss that you need to defeat to complete Chapter 5 of Hikari's story in Octopath Traveler 2.

Enshrouded King is the last boss you must defeat to complete Chapter 5 of Hikari’s story in Octopath Traveler 2. This final chapter concludes his story and provides a sense of relief to Hikari for achieving his objectives.

The boss is one of the toughest and requires you to devise a perfect strategy. You need to make use of Enshrouded King’s weaknesses to win the fight and put an end to Hikari’s misery.

It is crucial to know every tiny bit about this boss to defeat it in combat, but before rushing into it, let’s look at the Enshrouded King location in Octopath Traveler 2.

Enshrouded King location

You need to move toward the Ku Castle after defeating the enemies and retaking the city. You will have several fights here, including one with General Ritsu and another with Hikari’s doppelganger brother, General Mugen.

The Enshrouded King waits for you at the end of the castle. You just have to defeat all the enemies before having a go at this boss.

Enshrouded King weaknesses

The main weakness you can exploit for this boss is its vulnerability against the Sword and Polearm attacks. The Enshrouded King receives substantial damage when hit by any of these weapons.

You can also exploit the boss’s weakness against the elemental damage caused by using Wind abilities. The boss’s other weaknesses appear randomly during the battle, so you have to keep an eye on them.

Enshourded King special attacks

What makes this boss such a formidable enemy is its ability to land multiple highly damaging attacks. Some attacks make your characters useless by causing status effects, and the AOE damage inflicted by the boss is very high.

Special AttacksWhat They Do
Diabolical SpearBoss fires two shots hitting two party members twice, dealing around 1000 damage to each one.
Triple Poison StingA beam of light that deals 1000 plus damage and reduces SP by some amount for a single party member.
Brimstone ArrowRain of light attacks that deal massive damage to all the members.
Diamond DestructionSpecial effect status causes damage over time to an ally.
Crushing Depths of HellBoss SP increases to 10.
Infernal JudgmentOne team member becomes immobile.
Rending SlashAn attack that reduces your HP by around 800 and BP by 1.
Eternal SufferingSlash attack that inflicts severe damage to all the party members.
Enshrouded King attacks and explanation Octopath Traveler 2

How to defeat Enshrouded King in Octopath Traveler 2

Before taking any aggressive stance, it is vital to use the Deep Analysis ability of Hikari to get information about the boss’s weaknesses and find out its total HP.

You will see how the boss has 98,000 HP and 10 SP, making the fight last longer. You can also use the Scholar skill of other party members to analyze the situation and plan your move accordingly.

You need to use Hikari’s Aggressive Slash and Brand’s Blade skills to incorporate maximum damage using a Sword. You can quickly ensure the enemy loses its SP, allowing your party members to break down the Enshrouded King.

It is essential to utilize the broken state of the boss. You must bring out the most potent attacks, including the sword attacks from Hikari and One True Magic Spell from Osvald. The special skills of the Enshrouded King allow it to take away BP and SP from your whole party.

Having someone in your team to share BP and SP with fellow members is crucial and keeps them in the battle. A party of three members becomes useless against such a powerful boss, so always have a healer or reviver in your team.

You have to ensure every single turn of Hikari is utilized perfectly by dealing maximum damage, so use Patitio’s skills to donate BP to him, making it possible for Hikari to use Latent Powers and inflict the most significant damage. You must keep repeating this process until the enemy falls to the ground and you emerge victorious.

Best party for Enshrouded King

The best party against this boss must include a Merchant and Scholar. You can use Patitio’s SP-sharing abilities to keep your allies alive and into the fight. The same character can also donate BP to Hikari and others so they can use Latent powers for the most powerful attacks.

Hikari is your ace character during this fight, as his warrior skills allow you to land massive hits and drain the enemy’s HP and SP.

Osvald and Castti are included in this party because of their Healing abilities. These are essential as the enemy attacks are powerful and take most of your health away, even in a single turn.

You can also use the offensive attacks from these characters to deal substantial damage using latent powers and high-skill abilities. That is the best way to do the most damage in this Octopath Traveler 2 Enshrouded King boss fight.

Enshrouded King drops and rewards

As the Enshrouded King (King Mugen) falls, the Ku City becomes free of violence and Hikari brings peace there. But that’s not the only reward this fight yields. Some other things are also there, notably:

  • Bow of Carnage
  • 13000 Leaves
  • 729 JP
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