Norman Reedus Shares New Death Stranding Artwork, The First One Permitted By Hideo Kojima

While Hideo Kojima isn't going to explain but, he has allowed Norman Reedus to share his very first Death Stranding artwork.

Despite a few trailers for the game already out, Death Standing is still shrouded in mystery as we are still trying to understand what the game is about. While Hideo Kojima isn’t going to explain but, he has allowed Norman Reedus to share his very first Death Stranding artwork.

Norman Reedus plays the Sam, the protagonist for the upcoming Death Standing. He shared a Death Stranding artwork through his Instagram and noted that this is the very first Death Stranding post that Hideo Kojima permitted him to share.

The Death Stranding artwork shared by Norman Reedus doesn’t reveal anything new and only showcases characters that have already been revealed for the game.

Death Stranding was revealed in 2016 during Sony’s E3 press conference and since then despite a few trailers being revealed, no release date has been announced for the game.

The lack of release date for the game has made many wonder if the development of the game going smooth or not and some speculating that the release date has been pushed ahead.

However, Kojima himself assured that the Death Stranding release date remains unchanged and asked fans to be patient for a little while longer.

The latest trailer for Death Stranding revealed Troy Baker’s character in the game. However, everyone was so busy trying to figure out Troy Baker’s character that almost nobody picked up that Stefanie Joosten was also in the trailer.

For those who don’t know, Stefanie Joosten is a Dutch model who played Quite in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Rumors and speculations were making rounds on the internet regarding Stefanie Joosten’s role in Death Stranding and the latest trailer almost confirms that she will be playing a part in the game.

Furthermore, according to Norman Reedus himself, the game’s concept is mind-blowing and way ahead of its time which happens to feature some social media elements too.

The concept is so mind-blowing because it’s not like ‘Kill everybody and win the game!’ It’s a connecting thing. It’s like the opposite. It’s so ahead of its time, and there’re elements of social media in it, and the idea is that… So many games and so many parts of millennial culture are being alone in a room, and you lose contact – physical contact – with people.

Death Stranding is an action title in development at Kojima Productions exclusively for PlayStation 4. However, no release date has been announced for the game yet.

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