Nintendo NX Will Not Be At E3, Zelda Will Be Late

The Nintendo NX console has already not had a lot of new information coming out about it, and a lot of people have been hoping that we’ll be getting more information at E3 2016. Unfortunately, it would appear that will not be the case.

Nintendo may not even really have a Nintendo conference at all at E3. A leak from Nintendo has said that not only will the Nintendo NX not be at E3 (instead it will be talked about more later this year and then released in March of 2017), but that the new Legend of Zelda game will be the only game that Nintendo brings to the conference as well.

Nintendo’s past few conferences have all had a good number of games to at least show Nintendo fans, and more updates had come out semi-regularly as the Nintendo Direct streams had given people more information. Now, after the passing of Nintendo President Satoru Iwata last year, it would appear that Nintendo is beginning to drop the ball.

While the Legend of Zelda is still going to be coming out at some point this year, and will still be a launch title for the Nintendo NX, people that want to wait for the new console to play it are going to be waiting somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 days more if they want to do that.

But with no new games other than Zelda at E3, and with many of its games that have been shown at past Nintendo Directs ready to come out in the coming months, the possibility of Nintendo not having anything new to show us can be somewhat disheartening, especially when some of the last few titles, while not good sellers, have been given positive reviews.

Nintendo has vowed that the Nintendo NX will not be sold at a loss, but in order for it to be a good seller it also needs games to play it on, even as popular as Legend of Zelda is.