New World Furnishing Leveling (0-200) Guide

If you’re looking to learn more about the Furnishing Trade Skill in New World, then we’ve got you covered with this guide where we’ll be diving deep into all the information you need to know about Furnishing, and how you can level this skill up as quickly as possible.

New World Furnishing Leveling

Furnishing is one of the 7 Crafting Trade skills that you can advance in New World. If you don’t know already, Trade Skills are non-combat skills that you can invest experience in and master. There are three categories of Trade Skills: Crafting, Gathering and Refining.

Below, we’ve listed down all the information you need to know about Furnishing. This includes what items you can create with it, what resources you’ll need and how you can level this skill up as quickly as possible through power leveling.


The Furnishing Trade Skill gives you the ability to craft a wide variety of furniture, storage items and trophies for your house in New World.

The resources you’ll be using to create these items will mostly come from your Gathering and Refining skills.

Furnishing can be performed at any one of the Workshops in your settlement. Each of these Workshops have their own Tier level. The higher the tier of the Workshop you are using, the more items you can craft.

This mechanic is very important for Furnishing as all items have their own Tier level prerequisite. This means that you have to be at a Workshop that meets the Tier level requirement of the item to be able to craft it.

You can raise the Tier level of the Workshops by completing Town Projects. And if you don’t want to do that, you can also opt to just find another settlement that has a Workshop that meets the required Tier level.

Each item also has a Furnishing level prerequisite for the player. You need to be at the Furnishing level requirement of an item to be able to craft it.

Leveling up your Furnishing skill isn’t that difficult of a process. It levels up the more you craft Furnishing items. But to be able to level it up quickly, you need to find the perfect items to craft.

Such items would be ones that use readily available resources and give a reasonable amount of XP. The good news is; we’ve found these items for you and we’ll show you how to power level your Furnishing skill using them subsequently.

Materials and Other Relying Skills

The skills we’ve listed below are very important for Furnishing as the resources you need to craft the Furnishing items can only be obtained through these skills:

  • Cooking
  • Harvesting
  • Leatherworking
  • Logging
  • Mining
  • Smelting
  • Weaving
  • Woodworking

If you choose to invest in other skills and aren’t able to gather the necessary resources required to craft your Furnishing items, you can try trading for these items with other players in your server.

Benefits of Leveling Up Furnishing

At first glance, Furnishing may seem like an unimportant skill that’s just to be used to create items for aesthetic purposes. However, that’s not the case at all.

Of course, the furniture items that you can create don’t serve any real purpose and are just to be used for decoration, but the storage items and trophies are very important items.

Without storage items, you’ll have no place to store the extra resources and materials that you’ve accumulated. You’ll either have to just get rid of them or use them to craft things you don’t actually need.

If you level up your Furnishing skill and craft some storage items for yourself, you’ll be able to store all of your items in a secure place to use whenever you want.

Trophies are also very useful items. When you place them in your base, they’re actually quite beneficial to you. They give you all bonuses when you use other Trade Skills. Some of them also help you out in combat against specific enemy types.

Having better stats in Furnishing allows you to have more secure storage compartments to use and store your stuff. Also, better and larger units allow you to store more items with convenience.

Trophies and the bonuses they provide allow you to upgrade your trading and make more profits on your items. This allows you to invest in other skills more easily.

The more you level up this skill, the better furniture, storage and trophies you’ll be able to craft.

How to Power Level Furnishing

To help you power level your Furnishing skill in New World, we’ve found the perfect items for you to craft continuously so you can level up as quickly as possible.

These items will help you get Furnishing to level 200 (max level). Once you reach this level, you’ll have every single Furnishing item available for you to craft.

Level 0-25

For the first 25 levels, you need to craft 47 Warm Iron Sconce – Bright. To do this, you’ll need the following raw materials:

Level 26-50

To get to level 50, you need to craft 127 Ash Wall Shelf. To do this, you’ll need these raw materials:

  • 7620 Green Wood
  • 2540 Iron Ore
  • 254 Aged Wood
  • 51 Weak Solvent

Level 50-75

To get to level 75, you need to craft 192 Ash Armoire. To do this, you’ll need these raw materials:

  • 23040 Green Wood
  • 11520 Iron ore
  • 768 Aged Wood
  • 154 Weak Solvent

Level 75-100

To get to level 100, you need to craft 62x Minor Weaponsmithing Crafting Trophy. To do this, you’ll need these raw materials:

  • 1550x Lumber
  • 2090x Iron Ingot
  • 697x Obsidian Flux
  • 1393x Charcoal
  • 62x Maple Stain
  • 1550x Fire Mote

Level 100-125

To get to level 125, you need to craft 1142 Oak Stain. To do this, you’ll need these raw materials:

  • 11429 Weak Solvent
  • 4572 Oil

Level 125-150

To get to level 150, you need to craft 357 Robust Wind Chimes. To do this, you’ll need these raw materials:

  • 21420 Wyrdwood
  • 35700 Aged Wood
  • 53240 Green Wood
  • 10710 Coarse Sandpaper
  • 7440 Iron Ore
  • 620 Sand Flux
  • 620 Fibers

Level 150-175

To get to level 175, you need to craft 609 Mahogany Stain. To do this, you’ll need these raw materials:

  • 6096 Pure Solvent
  • 2438 Oil

Level 175-200

To get to level 200, you need to craft 794 Oval Cerulean Rug. To do this, you’ll need these raw materials:

  • 119100 Silk Thread
  • 635200 Fiber
  • 59550 Crossweave
  • 119100 Thick Hide
  • 635200 Rawhide
  • 59550 Tannin
  • 11910 Wirefiber