New World Furnishing Leveling Guide

Furnishing is one of the most important skills in New World that will help you decorate living spaces. Here is how to level it.

New World allows you to boost your wealth by learning new skills. Furnishing is one such skill that allows you to craft and sell different décor items, storage chests, trophies, and even musical instruments.

This skill focuses on increasing your wealth and gives you a chance to increase space in your inventory, allowing you to store more items and earn trophies. The trading method for items crafted remains simple: once you create an item, sell it when the price and demand are high to earn more New World coins.

To begin the leveling process, you must visit any workshop in your settlement to do furnishing. These workshops have tier levels; the higher the tier, the more items you can craft. Similarly, the furnishing skill requires leveling to gain access to more complex crafting recipes and the ability to make higher-quality items.

With all said above, let’s jump into the guide to help you become a furnishing expert. Let’s discuss all the skills needed and methods to level up fast in the game.

Skills needed for Furnishing

The furnishing trade skill allows you to craft various furniture, storage items, and trophies for your house in the New World. Leveling furnishing can be challenging, but it becomes easier with certain skills. These skills are cooking, harvesting, leatherworking, logging, mining, smelting, weaving, and woodworking. These skills help you gather the necessary resources required to craft certain items. If you have invested in skills without relevant resources, you can always trade them with other players on your server.

How to Level Furnishing in New World?

New World Furnishing

Leveling Furnishing has changed significantly over time, and the previous leveling methods no longer apply due to numerous updates. Here’s a new, more efficient way to level Furnishing:

  • Make one of every available item, including musical instruments, to get the three times crafting experience bonus. Focus on making 10 of the cheapest items at the end game, such as drums.
  • As you level up, continue making one of every new recipe you unlock.
  • Buy the Powderhorn recipe when you run out of recipes and craft 59 Powderhorns to reach level 150.
  • At level 150, craft one of every Virtuoso instrument and 10 more of your desired leveling instruments. This will take you to level 200.

Another way to level up Furnishing and make money is by crafting incense in New World. Common incense can be crafted with minimal resources and sold for a profit. Strong and powerful incense can also be crafted, but it requires more resources and has a higher sell price. Crafting incense is a great way to farm Furnishing experience and make money simultaneously.

When crafting incense, you will need ironwood planks and cinnamon. Ironwood planks can be purchased from the trading post or crafted using ironwood and 15 gold. Cinnamon can be gathered from cinnamon trees or purchased from the trading post. These resources can also be sold for a profit, making incense a great way to earn while leveling up Furnishing.

In short, crafting various items is the best way to quickly level up furnishing, and crafting licenses help in farming XP and gold. Use the experience multiplier to craft new items and gather resources such as ironwood planks and cinnamon to craft incense.

How to power level furnishing?

Leveling up is important to craft high-tier items, which can be done by crafting certain pieces. Let’s go over each item and how much boost can it give to your level:

LevelItemMaterialsHow to get the materialsCrafting
1-75Ash Wall ShelfIron Ingot – 10, Timber – 15, Ash Stain – 1For Iron Ingots, you need to smeltiron ores that can be found abundantly in the area nearWindsward’s Settlement.Timber can be gained fromYoung Trees from the forest.For Ash Stain, you will need Charcoal(x10) and Weak Solvent(4). Charcoals are obtained from processing green wood, and weak solvents are common items found in supply containers.Once you have obtained all the materials, head to the nearest workshop, a minimum of tier 2, and craft 615 Ash Wall shelves to reach the 75 level.
75-100Maple StainWeak Solvent – 10, Oil – 4You can get oil from Seeping Stones on the northside near Spirit Shrine and weak solvents from any supply container.You need to craft 62 maple stains to upgrade to level 100
100-150Oak StainPotent Solvent – 10, Oil – 4Potent solvents are found in supply and ancient containers and elite chests. If you want to farm the item, Great Cleave, Reekwater, and Edengrove are the best places.Once you have all the materials, head to a tier 4 workshop in your settlement to craft 843 Oak Stains.
150-170Mahogany StainPure Solvent – 10, Oil – 4For pure solvent, you need to go to the 56+ level area in the Reekwater, Ebonscale Reach, and Shattered Mountain and search the supply and ancient containers.To craft 1410 Mahogany Stain, you need to get to a tier 5 workshop in your settlement.
170-200Powerful IncenseIronwood Planks – 1, Charcoal – 1, Hyssop – 1, Cinnamon – 1Get to Edengrove to chop down some Ironwood Trees near the Blighted Shrine to get ironwood planks. For charcoal, you need to refine Green Wood at Smelter. You will get Hyssop from herb nodes that can be found easily everywhere. As for Cinnamon, you need to get it from herbs or purchase it from trading posts.To boost your level from 170 to 200, you need to create 3720 powerful incense at a tier 5 workshop.

Benefits of leveling up Furnishing

Furnishing is an important skill that helps you create items not just for aesthetic purposes but to expand storage and earn bonuses, thus giving you a buff in the game. For instance, storage items like shelves and chests are important for storing extra resources; you can even sell them for good value to other players. Similarly, trophies can help you earn bonuses when you use other trade skills; some might even help you get buff in combat against a particular enemy.

In early levels of the skill, you might be unable to craft high-tier items that give you a bonus or sell for higher coin value. But by upgrading each level, you unlock your way toward crafting more refined items with better value.

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