NBA 2K24 Badge Unlock Requirements (Attributes, Height Restrictions)

The Badge requirements of NBA 2K24 can prove to be a bit confusing. Here is an easy table that lists all Attributes and Height restrictions.

Whether you are progressing through MyTeam or MyCareer, Badge requirements are always going to be the core gameplay mechanics of NBA 2K24.

Similar to the previous installments in the franchise though, the new annual installment also fails to properly explain how you can unlock Badges.

In NBA 2K24, you need to focus on a specific Attribute to unlock a Badge. This becomes more confusing when some Badges require multiple Attributes. Adding to that are height restrictions for each player.

To make it simpler and easier for new players, we have gone ahead to make a list of all available Badges in NBA 2K24 and their respective Attribute and Height requirements.

NBA 2K24 Badge requirements – Attribute and Height

The table below contains all Badges that you can unlock and equip in NBA 2K24. These mostly contain the previous NBA 2K23 Badges but there are also some new introductions in the new installment.

Something important to note here is that certain Badges in NBA 2K24 only require their respective Attribute to be equipped. These have been highlighted in the table with an “*” sign.

BadgeAttribute RequirementBronzeSilverGoldHoFHeight Requirement
94 Agent      
AcrobatDriving Layup647684905’7-6’11
Aerial WizardVertical60677284 
Agent 3*Three-Point768694985’7-6’11
Ankle Braces      
Ankle BreakerBall Handle627585935’7-6’9
Backdown PunisherPost Control576779895’7-6’4
Backdown PunisherStrength707986955’7-6’4
Bail Out      
Big DriverBall Handle556265695’7-6’10
Big DriverSpeed with Ball404855655’7-6’10
Big DriverAcceleration404855605’7-6’10
Blow-ByBall Handle678492975’7-6’11
Blow-BySpeed with Ball627583895’7-6’11
Boxout Beast      
Break Starter      
Brick Wall      
BunnyDriving Layup62728494 
Catch and ShootThree-Point637485955’7-7’3
Catch and ShootMid-Range607082935’7-7’3
Chase Down Artist      
Comeback KidThree-Point566879895’7-7’3
Comeback KidMid-Range536475865’7-7’3
Corner Specialist*Three-Point657685945’7-7’3
Dream ShakePost Control63705959 
Dream ShakeClose Shot57646767 
Dream ShakeMid-Range59677777 
DropstepperPost Control64758484 
Fast Feet      
Fast TwitchClose Shot71819098 
Fearless FinisherStrength55606567 
Fearless FinisherClose Shot68778695 
Fearless FinisherDriving Layup70808796 
Float GameDriving Layup60687788 
Free Points*Free Throw718090995’7-7’3
Giant SlayerClose Shot556275885’7-7’0
Giant SlayerDriving Layup596574845’7-7’0
Green MachineThree-Point647889955’7-7’3
Green MachineMid-Range617688955’7-7’3
Guard UpThree-Point607487945’7-7’3
Guard UpMid-Range597182915’7-7’3
Handles for DaysBall Handle698091955’7-7’0
Handles for DaysStamina909396995’7-7’0
Hook SpecialistClose Shot60718392 
Hook SpecialistPost Control50627486 
HyperdriveSpeed With Ball697583915’7-6’10
Immovable Enforcer      
Killer CombosBall Handle758793985’7-6’10
Limitless Range*Three-Point859296995’7-7’3
MasherClose Shot68778494 
Middy Magician*Mid-Range597284925’7-7’3
Needle Threader      
Off-Ball Pest      
Open LooksThree-Point587588935’7-7’3
Open LooksMid-Range547286905’7-7’3
Physical HandlesBall Handle606673805’7-6’10
Physical HandlesStrength606373835’7-6’10
Pick Dodger      
Pogo Stick      
Post Fade Phenom*Post Control596575855’7-7’3
Post Fade PhenomClose Shot657786935’7-7’3
Post Fade PhenomMid-Range617179865’7-7’3
Post Lockdown      
Post Playmaker      
Post Spin TechnicianPost Control60728190 
Precision DunkerDriving Dunk71839097 
Precision DunkerStanding Dunk71819096 
Pro TouchClose Shot51607080 
Pro TouchDriving Layup51607080 
Rebound Chaser      
Relay Passer      
Right Stick Ripper      
Rise UpDriving Dunk718390975’7-6’4
Rise UpVertical606367705’7-6’4
ScooperDriving Layup61687788 
Slippery Off Ball*Acceleration577184925’7-6’9
SlitheryDriving Layup62809197 
Space CreatorThree-Point657887945’7-6’11
Space CreatorMid-Range647688965’7-6’11
Special Delivery      
Speed BoosterBall Handle608192955’7-6’9
Speed BoosterSpeed With Ball727583915’7-6’9
Speed BoosterSpeed758186925’7-6’9
Speed BoosterAcceleration798387935’7-6’9
Spin CycleDriving Layup55647082 
Spot Finder*Acceleration456880935’7-7’3
Spot FinderClose Shot557080915’7-7’3
Spot FinderThree-point607586935’7-7’3
Spot FinderMid-Range556979905’7-7’3
Touch Passer      
Triple StrikeBall Handle576880905’7-6’11
Triple StrikeSpeed With Ball416677895’7-6’11
Triple StrikeAcceleration426575855’7-6’11
Two StepDriving Dunk56697585 
UnpluckablePost Control576880  
UnpluckableBall Handle70809298 
WhistleClose Shot73849299 
Work Horse      
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