Minecraft Dungeons Cacti Canyon Secret Chests Locations

In this Minecraft Dungeons Cacti Canyon Secret guide, we've given the locations where you can find all the chests and more.

Every corner in Minecraft Dungeons holds secrets and chests brimming with valuable loot. Cacti Canyon, a desert environment populated by Illagers, is a dungeon location with a recommended Power Level of 16 for the default mode and a normal difficulty setting. The number of hidden chests may vary, so exploring every corner is best. One thing you should note here is that the rewards vary according to the difficulty setting.
This guide to Cacti Canyon in Minecraft Dungeons includes the locations of these hidden treasures, maximizing your rewards. Remember that chest placement can be slightly randomized, so the guide provides examples to help you identify potential locations in your specific run. The number of chests may also vary. Thoroughly exploring every crevice of the map is the best strategy to ensure you don’t miss any loot. You never know; you might even find some great armor.

How to Unlock Cacti Canyon Region in Minecraft Dungeon?

This mission is unlocked automatically once you do the Creeper Woods mission.

Chest 1

At the beginning of the Cacti Canyon map, you will find the first chest a bit far to the right corner. This chest rewards you with TNT and The Green Menace.

Chest 2

Cross the narrow path from your first location and go down to the center of the area. This will take you to your second chest, which contains a Mercenary Armor or Heavy Crossbow and Arrow Bundle.

Chest 3

Right from your previous location, head straight to the top corner of the map to find your second chest. You will get a Trickbow and Strength Potion or Mercenary Armor from this chest.

Chest 4

On the map where you found the second chest, move straight to the left-most part of the deserted area to find your last chest. This chest contains a Heavy Crossbow.

Chest 5

During the Cacti Canyon Run 2, you will find another chest in the upper section of the map. There are two chests here; one in the rightmost corner will reward you with gems, while the other in the left area contains a Heavy Crossbow. This chest has enemies surrounding it.

Secret Location in Cacti Canyon

From the middle area section you explored during the second chest, proceed straight to the other section of the map. Here, you need to move to the right corner of the map, where you power the 5 beacons. You will find a small floating island between the cliff and in front of the waterfall. Jump on it, and you will find a hidden treasure chest. This chest contains a Heavy Crossbow and a Trickbow.

How to Find Hidden Secret Chests in Cacti Canyon?

One thing about secret chests is that they do not appear on maps like normal ones, nor can you see them; therefore, finding them can be tricky. But there is a small trick to make this task easier. Every secret chest has a low, constant sound every time it’s in the surroundings. This can serve as a guide to track them.
To hear the sound of the chest more clearly, go to the Audio settings and turn off the Music and Ambience volume. When you go to an area with a secret chest buried nearby, you will hear the low sound of the chest; you need to move around the area to wait for the sound to get louder and louder. A loud sound means the chest is close to you.

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