Lords Of The Fallen Stomund, Captain Of The Fidelis Walkthrough

Complete Stomund’s quest to add a trophy to your collection.

Stomund, Captain of Fidelis, is a merchant in Lords of the Fallen and one of the first NPC you meet at Skyrest. He later changes location and offers a quest that can give you some rewards and achievement trophy. If you are interested in completing Stomund’s questline in LOTF and collecting the trophy, keep reading and learn all the required steps.

In the beginning, you’ll get to meet Stomund in Skyrest just beside the Vestige point. He’ll be standing in front of a corridor by the large bell and dressed in copper armor. Talk to him, and he’ll reveal his name and talk about the Umbral Lamp, reminiscing that in the start, he was the one who was supposed to use this lamp. Once he stops talking, you can interact with him again to see his inventory.

Where to find Stomund in Manse of Hallowed Brothers

After the first meeting with Stomund in Lords of the Fallen, you need to meet him in a new place so the quest can start. No 100% specific time in the game will trigger the location of Stomund to change. During the research for the time, a player concluded that exploring Upper Calrath and opening the doors to this area would change his location in the game.

After he leaves, look behind him, and you’ll find a note left for the Deathless one, which reveals that he is moving to Pilgrim’s Perch. You can talk to Eustace in Skyrest to find out that he went to Manse of the Hallowed Brothers.

Now go to the Stone Altar room in the Manse of Hallowed Brothers. The Abbot Vernoff key can open this room. Go down the stairs and out from the other side. This will take you out in a garden with two paths. Take the left path, and you’ll find Stomund standing in between the two statues.

Talk to him, and he’ll tell you that he needs to speak with Judge Cleric, but he’s hesitating. He’ll also ask for two items that will progress the story further. Once the dialogues are exhausted, he’ll move to another area in Lords of the Fallen.


Find the Damaged Standard

Start from Stomund’s location, head upstairs, and go through the altar. Then, jump down from the door of the altar to the left side. Look for a wooden cart. Break it and go inside the blocked wall by using the Umbral Lamp.

Interact with the lever to go down the lift. Go straight down the path until you reach a metal door. Open it and go down the stairs. Here, you’ll find the item, Damaged Standard, on a tilted table.

Where to find the Tattered Banner in LOTF

To find the Tattered Banner in Lords of the Fallen, start from the main arena, where you do boss fights. Turn left from the altar room in the abbey. Here again, turn left and keep going up until you see a door towards the outside courtyard.

Now, go around the corridor until you reach an open area with stairs leading down and a large protruding balcony. Use an Umbral Lamp to pass through this door. Go to the very end and enter the umbral realm to see a stigma. Soulflay this point, and you’ll get Saintly Quintessence along with an enemy that will spawn behind you. Defeat him, and you’ll get the Tattered Banner as a drop.

Make sure you deliver both of these items to Stomund before going to Empyrean. This location is accessed by opening the doors next to the Vestige point. If you don’t, the quest will fail, and you won’t be able to do this quest again in your Lords of the Fallen playthrough.

Deliver the items to Stomund

Now that you have both items, you need to find Stomund in the Abbey of Hallowed Sisters. From the Vestige of Rosamund, enter the path through the archway by the vestige point and keep following it until you find an Umbral Tumor.

Soulflay it, take the tunnel, and go upstairs. Keep going to the second floor and stop when you see a large tree in the middle. There are a lot of enemies here, so be careful.

Go left and look for the stairs. Go up and break the barrels and boxes blocking your way to the right. This will reveal a path along with Stomund standing there. Talk to him and hand over the items he requested.

Before anything else, make sure to buy anything you want from him, as this would be the last time you see him or buy anything from him. Once you are satisfied, move to the last step of Stomund, Captain of Fidelis’s quest in Lords of the Fallen.

Where to find Stomund’s Body in Empyrean

After the last encounter, wait a bit and progress through the story as usual until you reach The Empyrean. Spawn at the Vestige of Iorelo the Cursed Knight and run up the stairs of the Monastery. After three sets of stairs, look towards the right, and you’ll see Stomund’s impaled body.

His body would be impaled on the banner you gave him, the Banner of the Immaculate Lady in Lords of the Fallen. Go up to his body, and from there, you’ll get a full armor set along with other items.

  • Stomund’s Flail
  • Stomund’s Gauntlets
  • Stomund’s Armor
  • Stomund’s Shield
  • Banner of Our Immaculate Lady

Once done with the items, you’ll complete Stomund’s quest, “A Captain’s Journey,” along with an achievement trophy, Faithful.

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