Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind Yozora Secret Boss Guide

Learn how to unlock and defeat the secret boss Yozora in Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind DLC with the help of this strategy guide

Kingdom hearts 3 has a secret boss named Yozora. This guide lists all the strategies you may need while tackling the boss along with all the techniques Yozora will be using against you. To defeat him, follow our Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind Yozora Secret Boss guide.

Yozora appears in the ReMind DLC of Kingdom Hearts 3 in a specific scene. Proceed into this guide with caution as it contains spoilers.

Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind Yozora Secret Boss

Yozora is unlocked after the secret episode once you clear the ReMind scenes such as Scala ad Caelum and the Limit Cut episode. It is recommended that you get to at least a minimum of Level 80 before you go on ahead and take on Yozora.

The fight is still a tad bit challenging even at Level 80. You might want to over-do the training just a little bit for this one.

This secret boss fight hints at a lot of curious things. You might notice that Yozora looks like the protagonist of VERUM REX, and that his appearance actually matches that of Noctis from Final Fantasy XV.

All this tiny information leads everyone to believe that Yozora may end up being an important character in the future of the Kingdom Hearts story.

If you are heading into this fight with Yozora, you need to make sure you carry a number of recovery items for yourself. Bring in a ton of Elixirs; you’ll know why in a few seconds.

Yozora will at one point steal your Keyblade which will leave you extremely vulnerable. During this phase, you need to dodge like hell.

If you lose a lot of health during this, make sure to use up on Elixirs. Whatever you do, do not let your health drop down too much.

Yozora can also steal your Kupo Coins with this attack, so make sure to not be carrying any of these prior to entering the battle as it will allow Yozora to tank a lot of damage.

Yosora’s Guard Lock On will completely limit Sora’s HP which will also limit his healing through Elixirs. Getting hit by this move will set you back by a ton. Avoid this attack at all costs or risk losing a lot of health.

Yozora is able to perform a variety of ranged attacks which include his laser attacks, and water ball projectiles. Avoid these by gliding through the air.

Try to counter Yozora’s attacks whenever you can as it will chop off a considerable portion of the fight for you. Deal as much damage as you can during his vulnerability afterwards.

Yozora might end up a bit out of your reach after performing certain attacks, as he is about to finish an attack, close the distance by using Shotlock and perform a combo to deal some damage. Repeat this whenever you get the chance.

Abilities and Tips

Tri-Laser Attack
Yozora will fire three simultaneous beams of red laser at you. Two orbs up to and a laser from the front being channeled by Yozora’s sword.

Laser Cage
Four objects will contain Sora. If you fail to dodge this attack, you will be damaged with lasers within the cage.

Rush Combo Attack
A melee attack in which Yozora will rush to Sora and perform an aerial launch, continuing that with an air combo. Dodge the initial impact otherwise risk taking damage from the entire combo.

Gun Orb Shot
Yozora will channel an orb through his gun which will trap Sora. Getting caught in this trap will result in Yozora stealing your currently equipped weapon. Can be easily dodged by putting some distance between the two of you. The attack can be done twice in a row, so watch out.

Keyblade Barrage
Getting caught in this attack results in Keyblades dropping onto Sora which will stagger him and hold him down into place.

Sword Throw
Yozora throws his sword at you from a distance. You can easily counter this attack and leave him vulnerable for further attacks. An alternative is to simply dodge the attack in case you cannot counter it, and proceed to close the distance between you two by using Shotlock.

Water Ball
A water ball which will lock on to your location. Avoid getting hit as it will inflict a cloud on you. Simply dodge or glide in the air as mentioned above to avoid the attack.

Sword Charge
Yozora will charge his sword momentarily and continue to strike you from afar. Yozora will teleport to you and combo with the sword whether it connects or not. The attack can be dodged.

The fight’s a bit tough, but you can easily best Yozora if you keep in mind all his abilities and memorize the pattern. You need to know when to get distant and when to get up close and personal. Hopefully, with the details of all the attacks mentioned above, you will be able to find the balance in terms of offense and defense against Yozora.

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