Kingdom Come: Deliverance Guide – Weight Limit, Sneaking Around, Skills, How to Save, Weapons, NPCs

We have curated this Kingdom Come: Deliverance Guide for you so that you can easily understand the basic mechanics of the game along with some basic Tips and Tricks that will get you started on your journey.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is the latest RPG by Deep Silver. It takes us to the medieval times when battles were fought with swords and shields. The special thing about this RPG is that its story is said to be historically accurate.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Guide – Tips and Strategies

Below you will find some detailed information on some of the basic mechanics of the game such as Exploration, Inventory Management, and Combat System of the game.

With the help of these Tips and Tricks, you will be able to start your journey in the world of Kingdom Come: Deliverance without any problems.

Weight Limit

Kingdom Come: Deliverance comes with a Weight Limit just like RPGs like Dark Souls. You can carry items until you exceed the Weight Limit. You must keep items in your inventory that have a weight lower than your limit. If the weight of the items exceeds the limit, you will not be able to sprint and you will become very slow in combat.

There are different ways by which you can manage your inventory so that you never exceed the Weight Limit. The heaviest of all items are the armor pieces that you will collect a lot of during your journey. To better manage them, what you can do is apart from what you are wearing; only keep one extra set in your inventory!

This will keep you prepared for any situation. The same rule applies to weapons. Only keep the most used one extra weapon with you at all times. Leave or sell all other heavy items. Your mount also comes with a storage pouch. You can use it for storage as well. However, if both storages are full, you must get rid of extra items in your inventory.

Different merchants around the world will purchase these items from you. Make sure you do not sell any stolen items to them. If you are unable to sell an item, throwing them in a random place also works. You can consume all consumable items in your inventory for quickly gaining some inventory space.

When it comes to looting and stealing, you do not have to pick every item up. If you continue, picking every single item up, your inventory will quickly fill with useless trash and you will be unable to pick up any more items apart from being slow. Pick those items that you think will come in handy on your journey or you will be able to sell for the good amount of money.

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Use Stealth Effectively

Stealth is an important aspect of Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Most RPGs do not have the stealth mechanic in them but Kingdom Come: Deliverance comes with a pretty decent Stealth System.

You can use stealth to scout different areas, kill certain enemies, and rob houses. However, before you start creeping in the shadows, there are some important bits that you must keep in your mind!

Heavy/Shiny Armor makes it difficult to sneak around as they make too much sound and the shine makes it easier for you to be detected. For the sneaking sections, you can remove your Heavy/Shiny Armor and wear simple clothes as your main aim here is to avoid combat. In such situations, Heavy Armor will be not much of use to you anyway.

You can also use your environment to your benefit. You can hide behind different objects such as bushes, rocks, and other such things. Simply enter the Crouch Stance to sneak around otherwise you will make too much noise and you will not be able to hide behind anything.

Another important bit to sneaking is to stay away from light. The most effective sneaking is done during nighttime. You can hide in the shadows. Another advantage during the nighttime is that most of the NPCs are sleeping. You will come across minimum resistance but make sure you do not make too much noise or they will wake up.


Kingdom Come: Deliverance features a big and lively world. There are villages, camps, forts, castles and other locations scattered throughout the map. You can visit any one of them whenever you can. However, at the start of the game, all the map is not shown and is covered with fog ow war.

As you explore the world and visit new places, the fog of war is cleared and your map shows all the routes and new locations discovered by you. Some of the places will have friendly NPCs while some will even have enemies and will attack you as soon as you approach them. Keep this in mind when going to new locations.

While on your journey, you will also meet different people on the roads traveling. These could be friendly or unfriendly. When you see someone approaching you while on the road, prepare yourself for the worse as they might attack you in an attempt to rob you. One way is to save the game and then reloading then if things go sour.

Helping out you on these journeys will be many traders roaming around the roads or in shops in some locations. You can buy and sell items for money. Sell your access items to them and gain money. You can also buy different items from them by paying them money. You also have the option to negotiate with them for lowering the price.

During certain quests, a person or a group will join you in attaining certain goals. You should try to keep them alive and maintain a good relationship with them as this will affect your impact or the game overall. This might lead to worsening your relationships with a town or a clan if you treat their people badly.

You will build your reputation with these encounters and quests. All big towns and other NPC locations have a unique reputation system and you should try to build positive relationships with them. You will also lose reputation if you are caught killing someone, robbing someone or attacking random people.

Apart from the main quests, there are also numerous side quests that you can undertake for increasing reputation and other rewards. They are a good source of extra exploration and will make you well reputed with certain clans and people.

HP Regeneration

Combat in Kingdom Come: Deliverance is unforgiving especially when it comes to taking damage. If you take damage during a combat scenario, your health will not regenerate and you will have to avoid taking more damage if you do not want to die.

Before your health starts depleting, your stamina bar will deplete as you attack and block attacks during combat. The stamina bar will regenerate during combat scenarios but only if you stop moving around and attacking enemies. Make sure that you keep your head moving around as much as single headshot can instantly kill your character.

You can use different food and healing items during combat but they do not give your health back in an instant. The healing process will take some time and it will stop if you take damage during this time. During combat, your best bet is to avoid taking damage at all costs because healing process is pretty hectic.

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Plan in Advance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance comes with a dynamic Day and Night cycle that really affects how you play the game. This impact is visible because, during nighttime, you will have difficulty in completing certain objectives.

Normal NPCs go back to homes or towns and are not available at places where they are normally found. You must always plan ahead when you are completing quests and taking on challenges that how much will it be affected by the day and night cycle.

During the nighttime, your visibility will be limited and you will have a hard time seeing things. Same goes for the NPCs. Nighttime is the perfect time to sneak inside houses, camps to loot items as visibility will be poor, and NPCs will have a hard time detecting you.

Businesses are closed at night and normal NCPs return to their homes to rest. You can rest at night too to quickly pass the time and rest too because resting is vital to keep your character in a good shape.


All the gear and weapons you use in Kingdom Come: Deliverance will eventually break if you do not keep good care of them. As you come across enemies, you do not want to use broken and damaged weapons on them. This will severely reduce the damage output and will make you less effective in combat scenarios.

There are different vendors that will repair your gear for you but if you are out in the wild, you can keep some items in your inventory that can help you repair and sharpen your gear and weapons on the go.

For this, make sure that you have a steady stock of polishing stones in your inventory as they can sharpen your weapons to ensure their damage output remains high.

Saving Tips

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a very difficult game when it comes to saving. Unlike most of the RPG games, it does not give you the option of saving the game at your will. This makes it a little difficult to manage because RPG games tend to be little difficult and you often tend to make decisions that turn out bad.

The game allows you to save when you start a quest or hit a major milestone during a quest. Apart from that, any games saved will not work and will take you back to the checkpoint intended by the game itself. Always start a new Quest after finishing the last one otherwise it will not give you an option to save.

Using beds will also save your game. Use your own bed and sleep for at least four hours. At first, you will only have one bed but as you progress in the game, you will unlock more beds as you visit new places.

If you do not have access to a private bed in a location, you can visit the tavern and pay for a room as well. This lets you save your game there when you sleep in the bed for at least four hours. Taverns let you rent rooms for one or a few days.

Apart from Taverns, Bathhouses also serve as saving locations. You can head to any Bathhouse easily available to you around the location and use any one of the services to avail the save option. Even the cheapest service will allow you to save your game.

While traveling out in the wilds, you will come across different campsites in forests. If you manage to reach a campsite, the game will automatically save your progress.

Using Savior Schnapps

If you want to save your game at your will and do not mind becoming an alcoholic doing it, then there is a way for you. There is a special drink in the game by the name of Saviour Schnapps. This is a special potion which allows you to save your game anywhere and anytime, however, if you use it too often, you will become addicted to alcohol.

Obtaining Saviour Schnapps is of course not an easy task. They are very rare in the world. You can buy them from traders, innkeepers, and alchemists or even make it yourself at an Alchemy Table. Every settlement has at least one vendor selling it for around 100 Groschen.

Before you can craft it, there are certain ingredients that you must obtain. Without these ingredients, you cannot craft a Saviour Schnapps.

To craft a Saviour Schnapps, you require 1 Nettle and 2 Belladonna. Nettles are easily found in the wild. If you are not really in the herb-hunting mood, you can purchase both items from an Alchemist or Herbalist.

Once you have the ingredients, head to an Alchemy table to start the process of making it. There are certain steps that you must follow to craft a Savior Schnapps. Start by pouring the wine into the cauldron. After that grind 2 Belladonnas with the mortar and pestle, and put them in the small dish. Next, put one portion of Nettles in the cauldron. Now you need to pump the bellows six times until the cauldron starts boiling.

Now, wait and let the cauldron boil for two turns of the hourglass. Combine it with the ground Belladonna and pull the bellows three more times. Let the mixture boil for one more turn of the hourglass. Finally, drain the boiling solution into a vial.

This will give you a Saviour Schnapps. You can use this process and ingredients to craft as many Savior Schnapps as you like. Each potion will allow you to save your game one time.

This concludes our Kingdom Come: Deliverance Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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