How To Defeat Rayvis In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

In Star Wars Jedi Survivor, Rayvis of the Bedlam Raiders and a Lieutenant of Dagan are significant characters. He is a servant of Dagan ...

In Star Wars Jedi Survivor, Rayvis of the Bedlam Raiders is a Lieutenant of Dagan and a significant character. He is a servant of Dagan and he carries a strong hate for Jedi’s. Dagan has tasked Rayvis to acquire the compass and kill Cal on Shattered Moon.

You will face off with Rayvis in a Boss Fight on the Shattered Moon. Rayvis is one of the strongest bosses in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. So, he can’t be taken lightly. Our guide will brief you on everything you must know about defeating Rayvis Boss in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Where to find Rayvis in Jedi Survivor

You will first meet Rayvis on Rambler’s Reach Outpost on the Planet Koboh when you fight his veteran Zeik to save Turgle. But, he will leave without fighting when Cal and Rayvis agree on a retreat. But now, you have to fight him for real to accomplish your objective on Shattered Moon and get the compass.

Rayvis location in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Your dual standoff with Rayvis will stage in the top control room of the Republic Research Laboratory on Shattered Moon. You must first beat the Array Channel Region and clear the Republic Research Laboratory to fight Rayvis.

How to defeat Rayvis in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Before you go on to take the Rayvis Boss in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, you must carry the Dexterity Perk, Resilience Perk, and Shatter Perk. Having these perks will help you a lot to take down Rayvis. Also, use regular lightsabers.

Once you enter the control room door, you will have a cutscene. Cal will ask Rayvis to hand the compass to him, to which Rayvis will respond by pulling his giant weapon and will tell Cal to defeat him to get the compass.

Your fight with Rayvis has 3 phases.

Phase 1

In phase 1, Rayvis will mostly fight with his giant morning star in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. He will swing his weapon toward you at a very high pace. So, you should avoid it and keep a safe distance from him. Also, his weapon head can detach, and he can swing it around at a distance. Rayvis will frequently attack you.

A single hit from his morning star would significantly damage you. Your attack can deal minor damage to him, but you cannot break Rayvis’s incoming attack or defense. Rayvis will also use his pistol in between fights.

You must keep a safe distance because Rayvis’s because you cannot block Rayvis’s fast attacks immediately. Using the dexterity perk in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, throwing both of your sabers at him frequently would be better.

Once you deplete his full health, another cutscene will happen in which you will slice Rayvis’s armor, and a piece of its armor will fall from its shoulder. At that moment, Rayvis will outgrow his right arm. Hence beginning phase 2 of Rayvis boss fight.

Phase 2

In phase 2, Rayvis will attack more aggressively, grab you, and hit you with his weapon if you come close to him. You can take him down if you pay full attention to his attacks. But, the best way to defeat him in 2nd phase is to use the jump triangle.

When Rayvis approaches you, block his attacks twice and load all your force at him with a jumping triangle. This will deal significant damage to Rayvis in Jedi Survivor.

Phase 3

You don’t have to fight Rayvis in phase 3. When you deplete Rayvis’ health in phase 2, Rayvis will drop his weapon and bend on its knees. Cal will ask Rayvis about the location of the compass. Rayvis will tell Cal that it is in Santari Khri’s Observatory.

After that, Cal invites Rayvis to join him in fighting Dagan. But, Rayvis denies it and asks Cal to give him a warrior’s death. Cal will fulfill Rayvis’s last wish.

This is how you can defeat Rayvis’s boss in Star Wars Jedi Survivors.

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