Huge Elden Ring Leak Includes Map Info & Mount Battles

A huge recent Elden Ring leak includes information on its areas, character development and mount battles. Could it be true or just a rumor?

Every day we wake up knowing that there’s a From Software game is in the horizon is a great day. Especially after the success of Sekiro, we can’t even begin to imagine what we should expect from their next title. A new leak about Elden Ring brings some rather interesting facts to the surface. That is, of course, if any of those facts are true in the end.

This huge Elden Ring leak originates from 4Chan which, as you know, isn’t as credible as an official announcement can be. However, even if one of the things mentioned is true, then we’d be incredibly happy. Let’s take things from the start, shall we?


The leak starts off saying that Elden Ring will have a total of 8 kingdoms (large areas) with a final boss area, all in an open world. Each of those regions is way bigger than those of Dark Souls and Bloodborne. In addition, all kingdoms will have mini-bosses as well as secret passages, different terrain, and PvP. Saving will be possible through Pray sanctuaries, which are Elden Ring’s bonfires. Each class in the character creation is tied to a Kingdom in which you spawn at the beginning of the game.


There will be mounts in Elden Rings. The leak makes word of horses, bears, wolves, and tigers. More unique ones will also be available, although the leak doesn’t elaborate more on the subject. There will also be mount battle, which will also prove useful in boss battles.


We don’t have much about the story of Elden Ring in this leak piece but we find out that the pathing isn’t linear. Side quests will be acquired from roaming NPC and you’ll be able to tackle areas with different types of approaches. Those will have an impact on what story ending you get and there’s 5 of them.

The Elden Ring leak includes way more information than what we already laid down. However, it doesn’t make much sense to get into detail. Leaks like this hold close to no fact value. You should take it with a grain of salt since we don’t know if there’s any credibility to it. The game is supposed to release this year so we shall know some official information on it sooner or later. Elden Ring will release on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC sometime after summer since its original June release date has been pushed back.

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