How to Play Call of Duty Mobile on PC

This guide will teach you how to install Call of Duty Mobile on your PC with an emulator so you can play with the comfort of a keyboard and mouse

Call of Duty Mobile is finally out but if you are one of those fans who don’t like playing games on mobile but still want to test out the game, there is also a way to play it on PC. For that very reason, CoD Mobile developers have released official emulators that let you play the mobile game through your PC.

Play Call of Duty Mobile on PC

This emulator, which can be found on Tencent’s official website, is an Android emulator – it is titled Gameloop and it’s a must-have for anybody wanting to play certain mobile games but in a more fitting format. Gameloop allows players to download mobile games for their PC and use a mouse and keyboard to play.

Many, of course, were skeptical of the efficacy of this emulator – ‘would the game transition over to the PC well, or would it just be a mess?’ Reasonable concerns all things considered, but the naysayers, I can confidently say, were proven wrong!

This emulator, which does a magnificent job of maintaining the quality of the game, allows you to truly sink your teeth into the game and play it in a more comfortable, and engaging way. Anyone who finds themselves unable to play on mobile is recommended to download Gameloop and play it on their preferred device: the PC.

Some of you may find the whole process a little confusing or are worrying over the fact that you may screw something up during the installation process, and the whole thing will be kaput. If you feel you need some instructions to get this emulator, then our CoD Mobile Emulator guide ought to make things significantly easier for you.

How to Download Gameloop
Before we begin, let’s clarify something: Gameloop and Tencent Gaming Buddy (TGB) are the exact same thing. You may see the terms being used interchangeably, so don’t be confused by it; these are not two different entities but are one and the same.

The following steps will teach you how to download the emulator:

  • Use the official Gameloop link to download Gameloop/TGB. It’s a mere 10MB, downloading it will take less than a minute.
  • Once it’s finished downloading, install it.

Two simple steps into installing Gameloop on your PC. However, that’s not the tricky part – the tricky part is downloading CoD Mobile and getting it to run via the emulator. But don’t worry about that either. We’ll now teach you how to download and play COD: Mobile on Gameloop/TGB.

How to Install CoD Mobile on PC

A relatively straightforward process but for those still lost, this short guide will provide you with a step-by-step breakdown on what to do to have Call of Duty Mobile on your PC.

Firstly, go to the TGB Website and download CoD Mobile. Once it’s finished downloading, install the EXE File. This may take some time as it will need to download all the files needed to make the game run on your PC.

Once it’s download all the pertinent files and has finished installing, there’s a few more… complicated steps you’ll need to follow in order to make the game run

You need to copy the CoD Mobile APK and OBB files and paste them into the Temp Folder of TGB. A more clear guide is as follows:

  • Local Disk -> Temp -> TxGameDownload -> MobileGamesPCShared (It is in this folder that you must paste the APK and OBB files)
  • Locate the TGB folder; more specifically, you’re looking for the AndroidEmulator file. Once you’ve found it, install it.

The following guide will tell you where you have to go in order to install the AndroidEmulator file

  • My Computer -> Local Disc -> Program Files -> txgameassistant -> UI -> AndroidEmulator (Install this).
  • Double click the AndroidEmulator file and install it. It will re-install itself over the TGB emulator.
  • Once it’s installed, quit the TGB and open it once more. Click F9 or Shift+F9.
  • Several options will appear before you: Browser, Gallery, Downloads.
  • Click on Browser and search for the ES File Explorer APK; this file must be downloaded.
  • Once it’s downloaded, go to Downloads (from the same place you clicked Browser) and install the APK file.
  • Open ES, and then enable the Root Explorer.

This part is a little tricky. Open the ES File Explorer, and here you must press the ‘/’ button. Afterward, open the Data Folder. This instructions below will make it clearer:

  • Internal Storage -> / -> data -> share1
  • Inside the Date Folder, you’re looking for the Share1 folder. Inside the Share1 folder you’re likely to find the CoD Mobile APK and OBB files.
  • Now copy the OBB file and paste it to the Android OBB folder
  • Copy the OBB file -> Go to Internal Storage -> Android -> OBB Folder (Create one if it’s not already there) -> Paste OBB file
  • Return to the Share1 folder, and install the CoD Mobile APK file. Once it’s finished, you can open and play the game on your PC!

Make a note of the fact that, assuming you’ve already put in a few hours on your Mobile, you can transfer over your progress to the PC. To do this, you must simply use the same login data. If you used your Facebook or Twitter account for one platform, then you simply need to use that same account when on another platform.

A few extra points:

  • Make sure you’re connected to the internet and there’s no chance of that connection being disrupted.
  • If you run into any issues during any part of the process, quit the TGB and restart it.
  • If you’ve downloaded the XAPK file, change the extension to .zip, and then extract the OBB and APK on your PC.

Once the 1.2GB file has been installed, open the emulator and go to the ‘My Games’ option. You’ll find the game waiting for you there, simply turn it on to start playing.

However, note that you cannot change any of the controls, they’ve been preset by the developers. However, you do have the freedom to enhance or decrease the game’s performance!

Go to the Buddy Settings, you can change the resolution of the game to be either SD (720p), HD (1080p), or 2K. You also have the freedom to change the display quality to either be Auto, Smooth, Balanced, or HD.

This will change how the game looks, and, depending on the specs of your PC, may change how the game runs as well. Seeing as the emulator is still a beta, I wouldn’t personally recommend tinkering with the settings too much, if at all. It’s totally up to you, however.

And that’s our step-by-step guide on how to download and install the Gameloop/TGB emulator, and how to get CoD Mobile to run on it. Hopefully, it was helpful for many of you!