GTA 3 Vigilante Missions Guide

In this guide, we'll be going over GTA 3 Vigilante Missions and how you can kill criminals to farm for rewards

A staple of every GTA game, for as long as we can remember, the vigilante missions have been implemented again and again, in each game with slight variations. GTA 3 Vigilante Missions were no exception. It was in fact the first game to include the vigilante missions.

GTA 3 Vigilante Missions

The Vigilante Missions in GTA III can be started by entering any law enforcement vehicle you can find. Upon entering one you will get a prompt asking you to press a hotkey to begin the missions.

The mission starts with generating one random criminal, in a car that is visible on your mini-map. You have to chase down and kill them to advance the levels of the mission.

Each level adds more difficulty, gives criminals better weapons, and even adds more of them for you to hunt down.

How to Kill Criminals in Grand Theft Auto 3 Vigilante Missions

Ways you can deal with the criminals during vigilante missions in Grand Theft Auto 3 are:

  • Shooting their vehicles in a drive-by until they explode.
  • Predicting their path, and being ready to ambush them with heavy weaponry, to blow up their car.
  • Ramming the vehicle off-road, or into corners and performing pit maneuvers to do the same. Trapping their vehicles will force them to leave their vehicle, making them easy targets.
  • Somehow pushing their vehicle into a body of water will instantly kill them.

Completing vigilante missions in GTA 3 Definitive Edition will give you bonuses that include +1 Police Bribe at hideouts in the area for a target number of kills in each area of the game. The target kills for each area are:

  • Portland: 10 Kills.
  • Portland: 20 Kills
  • Staunton Island: 10 Kills.
  • Staunton Island: 20 Kills
  • Shoreside Vale: 10 Kills.
  • Shoreside Vale: 20 Kills.

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