Gran Turismo 5 Vs. Shift 2 Graphics and Gameplay Comparison

After all the claims of EA that Shift 2 is the defining racing simulator, and has no competitor whatsoever. One would imply they were dissing the obvious, but they did choose a good marketing tag line ‘World’s Best Racing Simulator’ since Gran Turismo 5 is a ‘Driving Simulator’.

Not to forget that all the members of Need For Speed Team commenting on how real the game experience is, especially the helmet cam which makes it real-life race experience. We already have taken Shift 2 and put it against Need For Speed: Shift and Forza Motorsport 3 and results were mixed.

Let’s take a look at how far Shift 2 has held up to its hype and all these comments made before the release against the might of Gran Turismo 5.

Graphics look similar in the video except for the Blur effect of Shift 2 and seriously the game is better without it, I have commented on it in my Shift 2 Tweak Guide. In my experience, it didn’t make much of a difference, but again it’s an opinion.

Gameplay can be hardly judged by this demonstration, but one thing for sure, If EA wants to pit Shift 2 against the likes of Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport, they need to come up with something these two don’t offer, and with Shift 2 they have failed to provide that. Helmet cam is not good enough to toss another 60$ subjected you hold either Gran Turismo or Forza Motorsport.

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