Free To Play Switch Games Won’t Require Paid Online Service To Play

News has come out that apparently a variety of free to play Switch games won’t be requiring the use of the Nintendo Switch’s paid online service in order to play. A Resetera user by the name of ggx2ac was responsible for coming across the information due to several different game blurbs.

The variety of games that you wouldn’t have to use the Nintendo Online service to play are games that include Paladins, Fortnite, Pokemon Quest, Dawn of the Breakers, Fallout Shelter, Galak-Z: Variant S, Zaccaria Pinball, The Pinball Arcade, Kitten Squad, and Pinball FX3.

The previous hints by ggx2ac might mean that if you want to play one of these games that you won’t have to pay the $20 annual fee to do it that would be coming with the Nintendo Online service, which will be coming out later this year for that price. However, nothing is confirmed yet.

While so far you don’t have to pay for Nintendo’s online service, when Nintendo Online actually begins players will have to pay in order to play things like Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros, and more. Thankfully, the online service is much cheaper than Playstation Plus or Xbox Live.

Thankfully, however, Nintendo will apparently be dedicated to cultivating the free to play market on the Nintendo Switch, along with making online cheaper and more accessible with the price of the Nintendo Online service for the Switch. Adding this to various other things that have been said to be coming with the Nintendo Online service such as online play, NES games, data backup, and special offers.

So, when the Nintendo Switch Online service becomes available later this year, you’ll still be able to play all of your different free to play Switch games without having to subscribe to that service if they’re the only games you play online.