Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Jeritza Guide

Jeritza is a playable character in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes who is affiliated with the Church of Seiros and serves as the General of the Adrestian Empire. When it comes to his interests/hobbies, Jeritza enjoys caring for cats and Sword training.

This Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Jeritza guide will explain everything about Jeritza in FEW: Three Hopes, including how to recruit and put him to the best of the use, Expedition Answers, Combos, Unique Abilities, and the best classes and skills for him.

How to Recruit Jeritza

When it comes to recruiting Jeritza, as with all of the characters in FEW: Three Hopes, the method varies depending on which faction you belong to.

Black Eagles
If you choose the path of Black Eagles (Scarlet Blaze), you can recruit Jeritza from the Chapter 04 – Breach Burgundy Territory of the game.

Blue Lions
If you decide to go the path of Blue Lions (Azure Gleam), Jeritza will become available to be recruited in Chapter 13 – Showdown at Ailell of the game.

Best Classes For Jeritza

The best class for Jeritza is Cavalier. Cavalier is a mounted and lance-wielding class with unparalleled mobility. This class excels at dealing with other mounted units and is effective against sword users.

Best Class Abilities For Jeritza

Desperation enables strong attacks to break through enemies’ guard. This skill only works when your HP depletes at or below 50%.

Lance Prowess
When employed with a lance, this skill lends the bonus of increased damage output.

Glowing Ember
Hurl a fiery lance straight ahead. Glowing Ember increases damage dealt with Def.

Knight’s Wisdom
Knight’s Wisdom allows Warrior Gauge to fill up fast when using class actions of lance-wielding cavalry.

Jeritza Expedition Answers

Character Says Perfect Response
I fight as I see fit. Nothing more. Simply listen.
That sword of yours… Perhaps it can excise the evil inside me. Say you’ll try and see
Hmph. I can sense that you and those maggots are of the same ilk. Consider the similarities.
My mother and sister remain in good health. That is all I… No. Enough. Stay silent.
The evil inside me and I are one and the same— cursed swordsmen for whom there is no salvation. Say he should atone for his deeds.
Don’t bother inviting me to victory parties. I won’t go. Nod quietly.
This bores me. I only find delight in battle. Volunteer to spar with him.

Jeritza Unique Abilities

This ability helps to fill the Unique Ability Gauge and significantly increases the damage output. When the gauge fills up, press Joy-Con-ZR to attack and defeat non-commander enemies instantly.

Murderous Intent
This ability helps the critical hit rate skyrocket if you attack enemies with full HP.

This ability helps to increase the damage output by 30%.

Jeritza Combos

Here are the combos for the Cavalier class that absolutely rock with Jeritza.

Combo Input Combo Description
Y X This combo employs the lance to perform two powerful sweeps.
Y Y X This combo rolls two lance sweeps and a strong lance smash on the ground that knocks down enemies.
Y Y Y X Unleash a barrage of lance slashes with enough force to knock back nearby enemies.
Y Y Y Y X This combo unleashes numerous regular lance attacks followed by multiple lance thrusts that volley enemies in mid-air.
Spam Y This combo helps you to continuously slash all the way through enemies with the lance.

How to Use Jeritza

Jeritza possesses incredible offensive power and is one of the quickest Cavalier characters in FEW: Three Hopes. Cashing in on these perks you can traverse the map in quick succession and dispatch enemies with the offensive power along the way.

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