Final God Of War Secret Has Been Found, Not Satisfying Enough

Final God Of War secret revealed by Cory Barlog at Comic-Con has been finally found and it contains a major story spoiler but without any cutscenes.

God Of War was a huge hit and it’s the most favorite game of everyone gamer at the moment. Every PS4 player rushed to finish the game as the story was very addictive but there were also some easter eggs and hidden secrets to look out for. Everyone thought they have found it all until Cory Barlog revealed that one still remained.

Cory Barlog revealed during San Diego Comic-Con that there’s still a secret which no one has found yet which made every God Of War player to go on a wild chase and it has been finally found surprisingly and what disappointing for some will be that it doesn’t come with a hidden cutscene.

Cory Barlog revealed that this secret is hidden somewhere inside Kratos’ house and since then everyone has been guessing what that really is. A subreddit called GodOfWarSecrets is dedicated to find all the secrets in the game and they were again the first one to uncover the final secret of the game.

These users worked hard to find out and gather all the pieces to solve the puzzle. It turned out to be an easter egg with a major story spoiler which you’d not be happy about if you haven’t finished the game so be aware there are spoilers ahead.

If you hate spoilers or haven’t finished the game then don’t read further. The secret is in the four corners of the house and if you look closely they reveal the true identity of Atreus which is ‘Loki’. Four runes can be found which spell out Loki which is also revealed by Kratos himself at the end of the game.

Other than that, A recent job listing by Santa Monica has surfaced which tells us that the next installment in the series is already in works.

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