Final Fantasy 7 Remake Swordipede Boss Guide

In this guide, we will discuss how to defeat Final Fantasy 7 Remake Swordipede boss. We will discuss Swordipede’s weaknesses and the best possible way to take it out in FF7 Remake.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Swordipede Boss

The FF7 Remake Swordipede boss fight will begin with Cloud and Barret. It looks like a large centipede but with swords attached to its body, hence the name Swordipede.

It has swords at both on the upper and lower side of its body and his face looks like Optimus Prime.

Cloud and Barret will be present inside a tunnel at the start of this fight and they will hear the Swordipede approaching as its blades scratching the metallic walls of the tunnel.

They will run towards Aerith and Tifa. Physical attacks are not very useful against the Swordipede because of its blades hanging out of body.

You will have to employ the long-range attacks of Barret against Swordipede. This will fill up the stagger meter.

After successful long-range attacks its health will eventually drop and when it reaches the mid-point the Swordipede will move towards the area where Aerith and Tifa are.

If you get the chance to switch materia, which you will, you need to choose the best materia you have for long-range attacks and spells that can damage it.

The best options that you can use in this scenario are the long-range basic attack of Aerith along with the Tempest ability.

One of the headaches that you will have to face is that the console present in the center of the battlefield blocks your view and you are unable to see Swordipede and attack it.

You need to remember that you have to maintain your distance from Swordipede and run as far away as possible when it comes close.

When Swordipede boss is close to you, it does the Live Wire attack so run for your life otherwise there are high chances of you getting electrocuted and receiving a lot of lightning damage.

It will do a spinning attack that you can save yourself from by dodging quickly.

So in summary, use long-range attacks and try to main as much distance as possible.

When you get to the Aerith and Tifa portion of the game, keep running around the console in order to keep the Swordipede in your view. Avoid its attacks and use the best Materia you have and you will be fine.

This is all we know about Swordipede in Final Fantasy 7. For more guides visit our site. Have fun killing the FF7 Remake Swordipede boss.

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