Fallout 76 Survey Markers Locations Guide

With the help of our Fallout 76 Survey Markers Locations Guide, you will be able to learn everything you need to know about finding all the Survey Markers.

As we progress into another week filled with challenges for Fallout 76, we have to look forward to them when it comes to earning rewards. This time around, the challenge focuses on 3 distinct Fallout 76 Survey Marker Locations where you need to head to individually and capture the particular landmark from your camera.

Fallout 76 Survey Markers

In total, there are five locations for finding the Survey Markers throughout Appalachia but as the challenge calls for, you only need to find three of these to complete the challenge.

The general vicinity or region for these destinations will be listed in the quest log, but you will need to follow some directions for the pinpoint location of the Survey Markers.

You will know you have come across one if you are able to observe a small, metal disc-like structure, something resembling a big coin. Survey Markers, look like this to be exact.

Fallout 76

When it comes to operating the camera suitably, just make sure that the Survey Marker is in the frame of the picture. Without further ado, below are listed the three locations for where you might find these structures:

1. Spruce Knob

North of South Mountain Lookout, near the green structure of the Spruce Knob that is situated on a cliff overlooking the workshop.

Analyze the environment until you are able to find a couple of red binoculars and an acid node. The Survey Mark is nearby the stones that lie around the scopes.

Spruce Knob

2. Overlooking the Bog

In the region of South Mountain Lookout, head eastwards until you climb up a cliff that overlooks the bog. On this cliff, look for the Survey Marker embedded on the ground.

Overlooking the Bog

When you take the photograph, it will be such that the tower appears in the background of the image.

3. Top of the World

Heading north of the Top of the World, you will come across a giant rust-red colored structure. Moving forward, you will see a fenced area with two red binoculars, a garbage can, and some benches.

Top of the World

Look around these to find the last Survey Marker to complete your challenge.

There are also two other Survey Markers if you are the completionist type. One is in the Forest region in northern Kanawha Lookout Tower.

With your general direction being in the same way as that of the tower stairs, move south to come across some spikes in your way. Get past them to find the Survey Marker.

The other is located in the Mountainous regions near the coalmine. Right in the middle of the route between Sunnytop Station and Atlas Observatory, you will come across the coal train depot.

From here, take a slight pace in the south direction so that the cliff is situated on your right and the Survey Marker will be on that cliff.

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