How To Get Urgent Heal In Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, the Urgent Heal incantation is among the many ways in which you can heal to get out of dangerous situations.

While finding ways to increase your maximum health is one of your goals in Elden Ring, you will also need to find ways to heal in all types of situations. Urgent Heal is the name of an incarnation that instantly restores your health points, making it a must-have for any character.

Do note that Urgent Heal only heals for a little amount. This incantation is supposed to be only used to escape death. It is not meant to bring yourself back to full health.

It is a better and easier health restoration option for players than Crimson Tears since getting Crimson Tears is harder in comparison.

Urgent Heal location in Elden Ring 

You will already have Urgent Heal if you are playing with the Confessor class in Elden Ring.

However, if you choose another class character, you will then need to buy the Urgent Heal incantation from Brother Corhyn at the Roundtable Hold for 1,000 runes.  

If you fail to buy Urgent Heal the first time, then you will have to go to the north of Altus Highway site near the monument. Corhyn will be present there and will sell you the Urgent Heal incantation. 

How to use Urgent Heal in Elden Ring

Using Urgent Heal has the same process as using any other incantation in Elden Ring.

You will need to put away any shield or weapon you have in your offhand and select the incantation. Then simply press L1 or R1 on the controller to use it and restore a part of your health.

The best part about Urgent Heal is that it can be used while in motion. So you can be dodging and rolling away from enemy attacks and use Urgent Heal to restore your health. 

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