How To Get The Guardian Set In Elden Ring

The Guardian Armor Set is dropped by taking down the Guardians who are found around Erdtree and Minor Erdtrees in Elden Ring.

The Guardian Set is medium-weighted armor set in Elden Ring. This set is worn by the Guardians who are deemed as the protectors of the Erdtree and all of its minor Erdtrees.

Guardian Set might not look like much but it offers great protection against all types of attacks and offers a boost to all your resistance attributes, making it a great choice for multiple types of builds.

An added perk is that the armor also looks great along with all the protection it offers. The armor covers your character using four parts; Mask, Garb, Bracers, and Greaves. The Garb has two variants – Normal Garb and Garb (Full Bloom).

The Full Bloom variant boosts your Resistance Stats by a lot but at the same time, it lowers your damage negation. Take your pick, based on which situation would you rather be in.

Where to find the Guardian Set in Elden Ring

The Guardian Armor Set is dropped by taking down the Guardians who are found around Erdtree and Minor Erdtrees in Elden Ring.

Guardians are soldiers who died a long time ago and upon death, they were named as the protectors of the Erdtree and now they will protect the Tree that blesses the Land Between for the rest of eternity.

Pieces of the Guardian Armor Set will drop once you take down a Guardian. The drop rate is quite high so you won’t have to spend a lot of time farming all the pieces. Visiting their location a couple of times should do the trick.

The guardians are found in the area surrounding the major and minor Erdtree. You can head down to Dragonbarrow Fork site of grace and from there just start going uphill towards the Minor Erdtree and you will find these warriors in abundance.

Guardian Set farming location in Elden Ring

Best location to farm the Guardian armor set

Although you won’t have to travel a lot to gather all the pieces for the Guardian Amor Set. You can gather all of them from visiting the Dragonbarrow Fork a couple of times.

If for some reason, you don’t want to go there or you have your reasons, you can also visit the Minor Erdtree in the Weeping Peninsula region.

Best place to kill Guardians in Elden Ring

How to easily defeat Guardians

The guardians stay underground until you are in close proximity. As soon as you get close, they will reveal themselves and engage in battle. Even though they don’t have a big health pool but their attacks sure hit like a truck.

They use Guardian Spears to attack you and can chip off a big chunk of your health in a single blow so it is best to proceed with caution. The best way to deal with them is through ranged attacks.

Their range of attack is pretty small so all you need are some handy ranged attacks, which could be anything from Spells to Ashes of Wars. Since they attack in groups so an attack with a larger AoE can also help you in your endeavors.

Where to find the Guardian Garb (Full Bloom) in Elden Ring

Guardian Garb (Full Bloom) is the alternative version to the normal Guardian Garb. This version offers an additional boost to your defensive and resistance stats at the cost of additional fire damage and lowered damage negation.

This variant is dropped by the Guardians with a flower on their back. They are the same as the normal Guardians in terms of raw strength but only differ in terms of their looks. You can find a couple of fo them around the Erdtree Sanctuary site of grace in Leyndell Royal Capital.

Guardian Garb (Full Bloom) map location in Elden Ring

Guardian Set stats

The Guardian Amor Set offers great protection in terms of both physical and magical damage in Elden Ring, making it a great set for any kind of build. Some people would go as far as calling it a universal armor set because of its versatility.

The armor offers a damage negation of (20.5) against physical attacks. The stats for negation against magic (22.7), fire (21.6), light (22.7), and holy (22.7) are also up there with some of the best armor.

We can’t miss out on all the resistance stats because they are the shining star for this set. An Immunity of (166) is surely gonna keep you protected against all kinds of poisons and blights because take it from us, they can be quite annoying and deadly.

If you are worried about Frostbites and Hemmorages, then you can take it easy because the Guardian set will give you a Robustness of (108) so you can breeze through any of your fights.

The rest of the stats (Focus (124), Vitality (120), Poise (32)) are also enough to make your farm this set hard.

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