What Is Carapace Armor In Darktide

When you’re playing through Warhammer 40K: Darktide you might have noticed the different enemies wearing heavier armor than normal. If you’ve played as a Ogryn Skullbreaker then one of your skills, Bombs Away also mentions the Carapace Armor in its description. Darktide doesn’t really explain what this Carapace armor is so allow us to help you out.

What is Carapace Armor in Darktide

Carapace armor is a heavy armor type in Darktide. It’s the heaviest armor that enemies can have. It is quite apparent and you can easily spot an enemy that is wearing the bulky carapace armor.

As the name suggests, the Carapace armor is extremely tough so you can expect the enemy to tank a lot of attacks before going down.

Additionally, the Scab Mauler and the Reaper also have this armor equipped and are classified as Carapace Armored Enemies. These enemies are difficult to defeat, The Crusher for example deals a ton of damage with his armor along with the near invulnerable armor casing.

The rest of the enemies encased in Carapace Armor only have specific armor pieces to certain parts of their body.

An ideal way to deal with such Carapace armored enemies in Warhammer 40,000 Darktide is to focus on dealing running bonus damage to them.

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