Cyberpunk 2077 Stadium Love Guide 

Curious about how your marksmanship skills are in Cyberpunk 2077? The Stadium Love side quest is for you. You can have a healthy shooting competition here in exchange for a nice assault rifle.

While completing the various quests in Cyberpunk 2077, you will also come across Stadium Love’s side job. This easy mission will allow you to get an Assault Rifle as a reward in Cyberpunk 2077. In this side job, you must either compete in the drink and shoot competition or leave it to get the reward.  

To make it easier, we have listed and explained all the objectives below and possible options to complete the side job and their consequences.   

Cyberpunk 2077 Stadium Love Location

cyberpunk 2077 stadium love

Upon reaching the location shown in the map image above, you will see an objective (See what’s going on) appear on the right side of your screen. Follow the marker, and you will hear someone shouting from the top of the apartment building. 

Continue to follow the marker to the right side of the building and jump on the steal platform on your left to the top. Turn right and continue to move straight. Follow the dotted line on the map to the man with a yellow marker.  

Talk to the 6th Street captain 

The man with the yellow marker is the 6th Street captain. Approach him to trigger the dialogue option for the 6th Street competitor. Now, there are three ways to complete this side job. If you choose to draw your weapon, then all the people will shoot at you, and you will either have to kill everyone or flee the area.  

The second way is to choose the (I am going) dialogue option to leave the area. By choosing this option, you satisfy the job and get the reward. If you choose the (Having yourselves a competition? I want in), the objective will shift to Talk to 6th Street captain objective, where you compete in a drink and shoot competition.  


You must score more than 43 points to beat the leading scorer to claim the prize. He will then give you a revolver to use in the competition.  

Go to the stations to compete in the competition

Considering you have chosen to compete in the competition, follow the marker to the station where you have to drink before you start shooting in the competition. Since you will be drinking alcohol before shooting, your vision will be affected, thus making it harder to aim.  

After shooting the targets in station one, make your way to the next station to repeat the same process. Continue through the end of the competition, where you must shoot more than 43 targets in the given time.  

Ask about your results

Once you have completed the shooting game in all four stations, follow the objective marker to the 6th Street captain, who will announce the results. You will receive the Divided We Stand gun if you score more than the highest score. 

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