Cyberpunk 2077 Full Disclosure Walkthrough

Should you break Sandra's Trust in Full Disclosure or get extra rewards?

Once you save Sandra, you will get the Full Disclosure sidequest in Cyberpunk 2077. She will start to trust you and ask you to retrieve something for her. It is a sensitive matter about her Databank; she trusts you to deliver it to her safely.

She doesn’t want you to access it either; it is entirely up to you how you choose to perceive it. I will be guiding you through all the events and choices you make during this side quest, Full Disclosure.

Find Sandra’s Databank

The first objective of this sidequest will be to discover Sandra Dorsett’s Databank. You can follow the marker or use fast travel points like the Kabuki Market to reach this location.

Once you get there, you can open the door, enter the hostile area, and sneak around. You will find some guards (Scavs) present there as well, so take your time and kill them all. If you get discovered, you will have to go in guns blazing.

Either way, once you kill them all, you can move around that area and find Sandra’s Databank. You can then go back on searching for the Databank, which you will discover on a small container labeled Arasaka in Cyberpunk 2077. After you secure it, you will have the option to crack it as well.

Crack her Databank (Optional)

After you successfully retrieve Sandra’s Databank, you can crack it up by choosing the Encrypted Shard option. You will have to input the correct Buffer sequence (randomized, e.g., E9,55,1C, FF,1C, BD, E9) for that matter.

Once you do that, you can view the details of Operation Carpe Noctem. Moreover, this data will be centered around the Night Corp’s servers and how Sandra hacked them in Cyberpunk 2077.

Call and Meet Sandra Dorsett

Now, you can go through your contact list and then call Sandra Dorsett next to inform her. Sandra is still shaken from the incident that happened earlier with her and trusted no one except for you. She is scared that the scavengers will target her again.

She will then send her apartment’s coordinates. You can simply follow those to reach her place in Cyberpunk 2077. After you reach Sandra’s apartment in the Little China area, you can go inside and knock on her door.

She will not answer at first, and when you hit again, she will ask whether you are alone. Moreover, Sandra will be a little troubled, so you can inquire whether she is still afraid of the scavs.

She will then ask you if you brought her Databank. Once you hand it over to her, Sandra will ask you if you have looked inside or not. If you haven’t cracked it, you can tell her that you did not look inside and that you are a professional who doesn’t care.

Upon hearing this, Sandra will be pleased; she will reward you with some extra credits. This way, you will receive your default reward. You can then thank her and be on your merry way. This will conclude the quest for Full Disclosure in Cyberpunk 2077.

We will now look at the other outcomes that can come out of this quest.

Hand over the Databank (If you crack it)

If you crack Sandra’s Databank beforehand and then travel to her apartment, you will have a different outcome in terms of rewards. After you hand over the Databank and Sandra questions you if you have seen inside it, you can choose the option “Of course not.”

It couldn’t have been me

Sandra will know immediately that you are lying, as her Databank’s GPS signal went online the moment we cracked it in Cyberpunk 2077. She will guess that someone booted it up and used it. You can then select the option “It couldn’t have been me.”

You can blame the scavs for breaking into the Databank and hearing that Sandra won’t buy your lie and then pay you less money for completing this job.

Yes I did

You select the option “Yes, I did” and tell Sandra that she guessed right and it was you who cracked her Databank and knows everything. Hearing this, Sandra will ask you about what your next move is going to be in regard to that situation in Cyberpunk 2077.

I wanna congratulate you

You can turn the situation in your favor by telling her, “I wanna congratulate you.” You can then sugar-talk her by saying that anyone who hacks Night Corps earned your respect. Hearing this, Sandra will loosen up and thank you.

Dialogue 1: What daemons did you use (Unlocked dialogue) [Best Option]

To unlock this dialogue, you need to have an intelligence level (7), and if you do, you can proceed by selecting the dialogue “What daemons did you use?”. Sandra will answer that she used Leviathan to hack into Night Corps.

She can hack anyone with that, and after the discussion ends, she will reward you with a bonus as a fellow runner.

Moreover, this is the best dialogue option that you can use to complete the mission, Full Disclosure in Cyberpunk 2077.

Dialogue 2: Blackmail you, of course (Sandra attacks you)

If you don’t have the required intelligence level, then you can go with the second option to Blackmail Sandra about tipping Night Corp on her hack. Hearing that, Sandra won’t be too surprised and will tell you that you are no better than a scavenger.

You can then ask Sandra to pay you for keeping your mouth shut. Instead of falling for your blackmail, Sandra will bring out her gun to engage you in a shootout. You will have no other option except to kill her.  

Dialogue 3: Just kidding

After choosing the blackmail option, you can just tell Sandra to relax as you are pulling her leg over this matter. She won’t be so happy with your blackmail joke and will pay you less money and kick you out of her apartment as well.


Lastly, if you go with this dialogue option to do nothing and tell Sandra that you don’t care what she does, Sandra will give you the default amount that was promised for completing the Full Disclosure mission. Moreover, she will also take your indifference as a sign of good faith in Cyberpunk 2077.

Full Disclosure rewards

The rewards that you will receive for completing the mission Full Disclosure will vary according to your dialogue choices. These will include:

Dialogue OptionsReward Sum
Give the Databank without cracking it€$ 880
Give the Databank and lie to her€$ 300
Read Databank and tell her the truth, you’re kidding€$ 590
Crack her Databank, tell her the truth, and that you don’t care€$ 590
Read the Databank, tell her the truth, congratulate her, and talk about what daemons she used€$ 1760
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