Crysis Dedicated Server Setup and Configuration Guide

Crysis, even after three years is still one of the highly detailed FPS games ever made. Why? Crytek, CryEngine, names to answer any why’s and how’s. Anyway it features multiplayer modes, and can be played online, and yes, it has dedicated server support as its an old game.

You can follow the guide below, to install and correctly configure your very own Crysis Dedicated Server.

How To Setup a Crysis Dedicated Server

What You Need
The Crytek team recommends you to have at least the following machine power.
Processor : Intel Core 2 Duo: 2.4 or Higher
Bandwidth : 4Mbps

Update The Game
Before running any server. You should make sure your game is up to date.
Go To and download the latest patches for the game and install them.

For a safer environment enable the PUNKBUSTER
1. Run Crysis
2.Options>Game Settings
3.Check The Punk Buster Option
4.Apply Settings.

How to Create Solo Server Settings
As the game can handle multiple servers at a time. You can easily manage each server and its files by its own directory.
Download the server files from here.
1.Create a sub-directory in the Crysis root folder “mycryisis” for example.
2. Unzip the content of the of the downloaded file to mycryisis directory.
3. If you want more servers then just copy the mycysis folder and rename it to other keywords.
4. Edit the “startup.bat” file and set the correct root folder for each instance you create.

How to Setup Custom Port
You will need to set the custom ports as required.
In the server.cfg, found in your servers folder i.e mycrysis
1.    Add the following lines
2.    Sv_bind
3.    sv_port = 64087
You can change the ports as suitable.

How to Control Server via RCON
For the remote control of the server. You need to set-up the RCON configurations. Which you can do so by editing the “autoexec.cfg” file found in the server files.
1. Be sure following cvar is added properly: rcon_startserver [port:] [pass:] 2. If hosting only one dedicated server the RCon port does not need to be set and can be removed from the command line. For example: rcon_startserver pass:
3. Running several server instances on the same machine requires that each instance of the game server uses a different RCon port (e.g. can be similar to the game port of each instance for easier administration).
4. RCon occupies TCP ports, so it is not linked to the game port you can set via sv_port in the “server.cfg” which occupies UDP ports.
5. To stop the service simply type in following command into the server window: rcon_stopserver (to stop the whole service again)

Enabling PunkBuster Anti-Cheat System
In the server.cfg file, just add the following line:
net_pb_sv_enable true
Note: Make Sure You Update PunkBuster Regularly. Open for additional details.

How to Allow The Console Commands
You must add the following command to your server.cfg if you want to control the server via in-game console commands.
con_restricted 0

Standard settings for a public server
Add the following lines to your server.cfg for running a standard server. You can edit the parameters according to your own needs.

g_useProfile = 1
r_ShadersAsyncCompiling = 1
r_driver = “DX9”
sv_servername = “< servername>”
sv_password = “”
sv_gamerules = PowerStruggle (or InstantAction)
sv_cheatprotection = 3 (default: 3; can be set to 1, 2 or 4)
sv_ranked = 0
sv_maxplayers = 32 (default: 32)
net_pb_sv_enable true (or false if PB should not be turned on)
g_timelimit = 25
g_minteamlimit = 1
g_revivetime = 20
g_autoteambalance = 1 (default: 1 = on; 0 = off)
g_tk_punish = 1 (default: 1 = on; 0 = off)
g_tk_punish_limit = 10 (defines after how many team kills a player will get temporarily banned)
log_verbosity = 1
log_fileverbosity = 3
map shore
g_nextlevel (to load the first level of your level rotation automatically)

Finally, now you can start your server. There are two main ways to run the server.
Automaticially Starting (Recommended)
In your server.cfg, just add the following line in the end of your server.cfg.
map (e.g. map Shore- You can start from any other map)

Manual Starting
Open the startup.bat file. Once it allows you to write. Type in the following command:
map shore

Thats it! The server will be up and your friends can join it anytime.

Few Useful Commands

sv_bandwidth [50000] (Default: 50000)
Bit rate on server
sv_bind [] Bind server to a specific address.
sv_cheatprotection [3] (Default: 3)
Enables Crysis internal cheat protection.
sv_DedicatedCPUPercent [0] (Default: 0)
Sets the target CPU usage when running as a dedicated server, or disable this feature if it’s zero.
Usage: sv_DedicatedCPUPercent [0..100] sv_DedicatedMaxRate [50] (Default: 50)
Sets the maximum update rate when running as a dedicated server.
Usage: sv_DedicatedMaxRate [5..500] sv_gamerules [gamerules] (Default: Singleplayer)
InstantAction or PowerStruggle
sv_gs_report [1] (Default: 1)
Enables Gamespy server reporting. Necessary for NAT negotiation.
sv_gs_trackstats [1] (Default: 1)
Enables Gamespy stats tracking.
sv_lanonly 0 (Default: 0)
Set 1 for a LAN server.
sv_map [mapname] The map the server should load.
sv_maxplayers [maxplayers] (Default: 32)
Number of max players on the server
sv_maxspectators [maxspec] (Default: 32)
Number of max spectators on a server
sv_packetrate [30] (Default: 30)
Packet rate on server.
sv_password [password] Server password.
sv_port [64087] (Default: 64087)
Bind server to a specific port.
sv_ranked [0] (Default: 0)
Enables statistic report, for TSP servers only.
sv_say Broadcasting a message to all clients
sv_servername [name] Name for the server that is used ingame. If no name is
set machine name will be used instead.
sv_timeofdayenable [0] (Default: 0)
Enables time of day.
sv_timeofdaylength [1] (Default: 1)
Sets time of day changing speed.
sv_timeofdaystart [12] (Default: 12)
Sets time of day start time.
sv_voting_cooldown [180] (Default: 180)
Sets voting cooldown.
sv_voting_ratio [0.51] (Default: 0.51)
X% of player votes needed for successful vote.
sv_voting_team_ratio [0.61] (Default: 0.61)
X% of team member votes needed for successful vote.
sv_voting_timeout [60] (Default: 60)
Voting timeout in seconds.

Gameplay Settings

g_fraglead [1] (Default: 1)
Number of frags a player has to be ahead of other players once g_fraglimit is reached.
g_fraglimit [0] (Default: 0 = infinite)
Number of required frags before a round ends.
g_minplayerlimit [0] (Default: 0)
Minimum number of players before game starts. For Instant Action only.
g_nextlevel Switches to next level of the map list.
g_MPDeathCam [1] (Default: 1)
Shows the killer’s location.
g_revivetime [20] (Default: 20)
Revive time.
g_spectate_TeamOnly [0] (Default: 0)
If set to 1 (true) it allows to spectate your team mates only.
g_teamlock [2] (Default: 2)
Does not allow joining a team that has 2 more players than the other.
g_tk_punish [1] (Default: 1)
Allows team kill punishment.
g_tk_punish_limit [10] (Default: 10)
Number of team kills a user will be banned for.
g_teamlock [2] (Default: 2)
Number of players one team needs to have over the other to not allow joining this team anymore.
g_minteamlimit (1) (Default:1)
Minimum number of players in each team to start a match. For Power Struggle only.
g_friendlyfireratio [1] (Default: 1)
Sets friendly damage ratio. [0] will disable friendly fire.

Common Commands

Ban [playername] Bans player for [ban_timeout] minutes from server.
ban_remove [playername] Removes player from ban list.
ban_status Shows currently banned players.
ban_timeout Ban timeout in minutes.
Net_next_map Notifies clients on server about the next map.
Kick [playername] Kicks player from the server.
Kickid [playerid] Kicks player via ID from the server.
Status Shows current status of server.
RCon Commands
rcon_command Issues a console command to a RCon server.
rcon_connect[addr:] [port:] [pass:< password>]

How to Connect to a Remote Server.
rcon_disconnect To disconnect from a remote control server.
rcon_startserver[port:] [pass: ]

How to Start a Remote Server
rcon_stopserver To stop a remote control server
Net Settings
Net_pb_sv_enable Enables Punkbuster for the next map.

If you face any issues in creating your own Crysis Dedicated Server, do let me know and I will try to resolve your issues.

Contributor at SegmentNext.