Borderlands 3: The Dandy and Damsel Walkthrough

The Dandy and Damsel quest tasks you to rescue Carolina from the Devil Riders in Borderlands 3. Here's what you need to do.

The Dandy and Damsel is a short quest in Borderlands 3’s Bounty of Blood DLC. It takes place in the Bloodsun Canyon where a character named Gustav tasks you to find his wife Carolina who has been taken hostage by the Devil Riders.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the entire mission of The Dandy and Damsel in BL3, including where exactly you need to go to start this quest and what choices may be presented to you.

Speak to Gustav

Once you’re at the location given in the map above, a message will pop up to either accept The Dandy and Damsel or decline it. Accept it and you’ll speak to Gustav.

Gustav tasks you with finding his wife Carolina; who has been kidnapped by a band of Devil Riders.

Before opening the door for you, Gustav alerts you about the person who runs this band, Boss Keem a Brutal Bandit.

Once the path is opened, head downstairs to an area filled with adversaries. You must defeat all enemies present here to progress further, after you do, you’ll find Weasel begging you to let him go.

Go to lab 422

Interrogate him and he’ll tell you the location of Boss Keem. You’ll find the boss in Lab 422. Upon asking what he was doing in the lab, he’ll expose everything.

Weasel then opens a gateway for you, so you can proceed towards the quest marker. Use the telezapper located in the area to make your way to Lab 422.

Once you’re at this location, Boss Keem orders the minions to completely lock the area down and kill you.

Therefore, to make it to the Lab, you’ll have to go through an army of adversaries. These enemies are augmented; therefore they are stronger than standard enemies found within the game.

The main gate going inside is locked so you’ll have to enter from another area. Head down the ramp and you’ll come across a damaged wall with a green crystal poking through it.

Break it down and head inside the building. Go upstairs right to the Jakobs, move left through the hallway, and take a right into an open area.

In this area, you’ll once again have to deal with several adversaries.

After you’ve taken care of the adversaries and looted their weapons, you’ll encounter Boss Keem on the upper level of this area.

Talk to Boss Keem

Interact with the Boss and in a shocking turn of events, occurs as she reveals herself to be Carolina, and depending on the choice you make the next quest can have two endings.

She’ll then explain the backstory of how she went from being Carolina to Boss Keem. Here, you have two options you can either take the ring from her or convince her to leave her position as Boss Keem and live her life with her husband Gustav.

Whatever choice you make, Return to Gustav after and talk to him This way you’ll end the mission and will be rewarded $215,423 and perhaps one of the best legendary weapons.

Dandy and Damsel Bug fix in Borderlands 3

In some cases, you may encounter a bug where you are unable to break the wall to progress into Lab 422. This glitch effectively locks you out of the quest and prevents you from completing it. you can try and reload a previous save file and/or restart the mission to fix it. In case these fixes do not work, you can load up the mission in co-op and try the following fix:

Head back from the wall and go up the ramp directly in front of you. Jump on the truck that’s sitting on the platform and use it to climb the metallic structure directly above it. this section requires precision and patience. Once you’re at the top, weave your way around the rocky structures and fall to your death while holding down your melee button.

This will break the wall and you’ll spawn inside Lab 422. Your partner can then join you and you can proceed with the quest as needed.

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