How To Get Badass Tokens In Borderlands 2

Learn how to farm Badass tokens in Borderlands 2 to enhance your character stats beyond what you normally get from levels

Borderland 2 lets you upgrade stats with Badass Tokens, which are earned by increasing your Badass Rank. If you go for fewer tokens, there will be very few upgrade options, so you need to collect as many tokens as possible. Once you have completed the collection, you can upgrade the stats, which affect the player’s characters overall.

There are a total of 274 Badass Tokens that you can earn after completing all the challenges, including the ones in DLC. This Borderland 2 Badass Token Farming guide will tell you how to farm these tokens using specific challenges.

By Completing Trade Challenges

You can farm badass tokens by completing 50 trades with another player to finish a level five challenge, ‘Psst, Hey Buddy…’. Completing this challenge will reward you with 15 Badass Tokens that you can spend to boost your character’s stats.

You can trade with your friend by holding B while near him. The second player accepts the trade, and both enter the trade interface. To complete the process, both players select ‘Trade.’

To complete this challenge, you must do it 50 times or more. Once you complete the challenge, you are rewarded with Badass tokens, which you can use for a permanent stat boost across all your characters. Although the tokens and stat increases apply across characters, challenges do not. This allows us to create a new character, complete this challenge, and farm Badass tokens.

By Completing Duel Challenges

Similar to trading, completing 50 duel challenges will net you Badass Tokens that can be used to boost your character’s stats in the early game.

Before you initiate duel challenges, both players should remove their shields. This will help us complete 50 duels quickly because without shields, when you lose the duel, you will have very low health, and it will help you complete the challenge in a single melee hit.

Start the duel with the player using melee attacks against each other. Rinse and repeat until you have won 50 times. You can return the favor by letting your friend win 50 times and farm tokens with you!

It’s important to note that winning a duel doesn’t count as a kill, so you can’t grind any of the kill challenges this way, and you should do this with melee attacks because otherwise, you will just be wasting a lot of ammo.

By Completing Revive Challenges

You can spam revives to farm Badass Tokens in Borderlands 2. It’s a bit tricky to exploit and requires the use of Tediore weapons or grenades.

When you have plenty of grenades or Tediore weapons, remove your shield and blow yourself in the corner with your friend beside you. Borderlands 2 doesn’t have a friendly fire, so don’t sweat about your friend dying from the explosion.

Ask your friend to revive you. Repeat this process for both players until both of you have completed the revive challenge. You can exploit this method to farm a lot of Badass Tokens fairly early in the game.

Slag-Licked Challenges

Every time you complete the Slag-Licked challenge, you earn over a hundred badass ranks, leading to a token. This challenge requires you to deliver much slag damage using a slag weapon. Killing enemies quickly is the key. You can also kill a raid boss using a slag weapon, a quicker way to earn a high rank for your effort.

You can target raid bosses and farm any boss. One way of succeeding in this challenge is having the Zer0 class and a high-level character. This allows you to complete the challenge quickly.

Other Farming Tips

  • During your first visit to the sanctuary, Marcus provides you with a means to test out different elemental weapons on some practice targets. This is a good chance to farm challenges with that elemental weapon without worrying about dying.
  • Battle Bloodwing, and once he has been taken down, you can exploit a glitch that allows you to still get critical hits by repeatedly shooting his head.
  • The more you fight, the better the tokens you can farm. The bar brawl at Pyro Pete’s can be revisited multiple times, and it rewards you with a good amount of Badass Tokens for taking down a collection of bad guys over and over again
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