Bloodborne Easter Eggs Locations and Secrets Guide

Similar to the world of ‘Souls Series’, there are a ton of secrets, exploits, and references to uncover in Bloodborne.

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Bloodborne Easter Eggs and Secrets

Although the secrets are not game-changing, finding them adds a certain fun element to the game. Here is what we have discovered so far:

Doll in Hunter’s Dream Easter Egg
If you teleport to Hunter’s Dream, you will see the leveling up Doll standing in the area. You need to acquire at least one Insight Point to interact with her and level up.

After you have acquired an Insight Point, simply talk to her and perform ‘Gestures’ in front of her to see her responding to your character’s ‘Gestures’.

Do note that she does not respond to all ‘Gestures’. If you perform a bow in front of her, she will bow back.

Furthermore, if you perform ‘Hunter’s Rally’, she will clap for your encouragement. Other than this, there are currently no known ‘Gestures’ which triggers her reactions – other than tilting her head.

Chester Easter Egg
This is another exciting Easter Egg discovered by ‘Luca Porcarello’. You can watch the YouTube video below and witness it for yourself, no spoilers:

Item Duplication Exploit
This exploit is confirmed to work with Patch v.1.01 and allows you to duplicate millions of Quicksilver Bullets and Blood Echoes in no time. To get started, follow the steps below:

  • Start a new game and create a second character
  • Using the second character, teleport to Hunter’s Dream and place a Pebble in the storage
  • Exit the game and return to the Title Screen
  • Use your primary character and teleport to Hunter’s Dream
  • Clear out all your storage by selling them to Merchant in the area
  • Put the item (the one you wish to duplicate) in your storage. For instance, put Coldblood if you want
  • Blood Echoes – only 1 item is sufficient
  • Next, put as many Pebbles as you want and they will be converted into your desired item
  • Rinse and repeat

You can also watch the YouTube video below for a video tutorial:

Discovered any more secrets or exploits? Do make sure to share with us in the Comments Section below.

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