Battlefield V Fans Are Not Happy With the Inclusion of Female Combatants, Calling it Feminist SJW Propaganda

Battlefield V is historically inaccurate and the community is not happy about it. Players are taking to social media have started the #NotMyBattlefield.

Battlefield V trailer was showcased earlier and while DICE claims historical accuracy, they are putting female combatants in the frontlines. This is something that’s not sitting well with the community and they are taking to social media where #NotMyBattlefield is trending now.

The community is calling it a “feminist SJW propaganda” based on the trailer they showed with four hipsters like characters in WW2. Looking at the game it does feel different from the usual Battlefield games but are the changes too hard to swallow? Well, it depends on who you ask. In Battlefield games historical accuracy has always been very important but with the new Battlefield, it seems the game doesn’t take itself seriously, according to community feedback.

Here are some of the feedback from the community over Battlefield V and its take on World War 2.

A video game can never be historically accurate in terms of its gameplay. But the community thinks that the setting is something that should keep its integrity intact, especially to be respectful to the veterans who served. We have only seen one trailer so we don’t know enough about the title to comment on how it is going to play out.

However, for now, people are not happy about the changes EA DICE has made to the Battlefield series, even though some of them are very interesting.

Battlefield V is releasing on October 16 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The next time DICE shows the game will be at EA PLAY next month. Hopefully, DICE will address the situation and share their side with the community.

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