Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Dreadful Crimes Death Stalks the Colonel Guide

Assassin's Creed Syndicate Dreadful Crimes guide to Death Stalks the Colonel.

Dreadful Crimes are a special set of investigative side-quests in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate that require you to carry out classic murder investigations by acquiring clues and arriving to a final suspect.

Note: All clues should be investigated with Eagle Vision. Be warned, this guide is full of SPOILERS.

Death Stalks the Colonel

The rewards for this investigation are:

£: 1500 (Max)
XP: 850 (Max)

This investigation starts off by finding Artie and Henry Raymond in Abbot’s Cocoa factory in Southwark.

You’ll start your investigation at the Munitions Factory. There are 7 Clues here that need to be found.

  • Prescott’s Body – Head to the east a block and find the colonel’s body near a fountain in a small courtyard. Investigate his body to find the bullet trajectory and penetration points.
  • Bloodstain – Check the bloodstain near the colonel’s head.
  • Banner – There is a banner located next to the blood spray and the body. Make an observation of it.
  • Dynamite Crates – Outside the courtyard wall near the body are a set of munitions crates that need to be investigated.
  • Feather – Check the feather located at the base of the fountain. It’s a single white feather.
  • Clock – There’s a clock leaning on the courtyard short wall, and is in the bullet’s trajectory.
  • Bullet Hole – Find a bullet hole on the park bench next to the clock. There seems to be a second bullet and trajectory. You need to determine which bullet killed the colonel, and which one missed.

After finding these clues, you’ll arrive at 2 Suspects.

  • Jones Hassett – Hassett is standing against the factory wall near the courtyard. Talk to him about the Prescott, Banner, Shooting, and the Clock.
  • Frederick Abberline – Abberline is standing near the north entrance of the courtyard. Talk to him about the Shooting, Factory, Clock, and the Suspect.

After speaking with the two suspects, you’ll open a new Investigation Area, the Shop. You’ll also find 1 Suspect.

  • Curtis – Speak to Curtis, the owner of the shop, across the street from the crime scene. Talk to him about Prescott and the Military. Investigate the rifle in his attic, then talk to him about the attic. After that, talk to him about the Whitworth rifle.

After speaking to Curtis, you’ll have unlocked 5 Clues.

  • Bullet Hole – There’s a bullet hole that can be found in the wooden fence blocking the alley next to the shop.
  • Target Dummy – There’s a target dummy hanging on the backside of the wooden fence at the end of the alley.
  • Mark – There’s a mark on the ground behind the wooden fence with the bullet hole and the target dummy.
  • Impact Mark – There’s another mark, this time an impact mark on the ground behind the shop. A heavy object seems to have fallen here. Use Eagle Vision to display the fall trail, and follow it to discover the Attic.
  • Beer – Head to the courtyard between the shop and the factory. There’s a beer puddle on the street between the factory and the shop. Investigate it, and follow it to the Barrel Depot

With these clues, you’ve unlocked two new Investigation Zones: the Attic, and the Barrel Depot. Before going to these new places, speak to the 1 Suspect, Earl, about the Shooting and the Gun.

Now, head to the Attic. Here, you’ll find 1 Clue.

  • Whitworth Rifle – Enter the open windows at the top of the shop to find the attic. You’ll find a rifle on the floor here. Investigate it to find out that it’s been fired recently.

After finding this clue, head to the Barrel Depot. Here, you’ll find 4 Clues.

  • Empty Barrel – Follow the beer trail to the Barrel Depot and investigate the empty barrel inside the yard. You’ll find a bullet hole in it, along with a spent revolver bullet. This proves that Earl is innocent.
  • Backpack – Head to the west of this shot barrel to find a backpack near the stairs that lead to a bulkhead.
  • Goose – To the west of the backpack and down the stairs is a dead goose on the bulkhead. It seems this goose was partially plucked, which connects to the feather at the crime scene.
  • Medicine – There’s a medicine bottle on top of a barrel near the alley between the buildings. Investigate it to find some more information.

With these clues, you’ll have 1 Suspect.

  • Bennett – Bennett is the delivery cart driver and the suspect you see when you enter the barrel depot yard. Talk to him about Prescott, Beer, and Samuel. This will unlock 1 Suspect.
  • Samuel – Talk to Samuel who is standing near the bottle of medicine you found. Talk to him about Prescott, Beer, and the Disease.

It is time for the Accusation.

Accuse Samuel of killing the Colonel, and he will be found guilty and taken by the cops. Of the three bullets that flew that day, it was Samuel’s deliberate shot that ended Colonel Prescott’s life.

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