Ark Fjordur Andrewsarchus Location and Taming Guide

Our Ark Fjordur Andrewsarchus Location guide will help you find and tame the prehistoric boar that can turn into a mini-tank.

Every new expansion of Ark Survival Evolved brings with it a bunch of new dinosaurs for players to hunt and tame. The same is true for the latest Fjordur update, bringing with it multiple new creatures such as the Andrewsarchus. This pre-historic boar can be found in a variety of places which is where our Ark Fjordur Andrewsarchus Location guide comes in which will help you find and tame it.

Ark Fjordur Andrewsarchus Location

Don’t let its furriness fool you, the Andrewsarchus can be turned into an armored mini tank, which can carry a powerful minigun on it’s back that can mow down almost everything in its path.

Andrewsarchus can only be found on an Island South-West of the Fjord region. If you have a GPS, then the coordinates for the island are 60,0 and 25,2.

How to Tame Andrewsarchus

We have listed all the items that are optional and necessary to tame an Andrewsarchus.

  • Honey (Necessary)
  • Ghillie Armor (Optional)
  • Crossbow (Optional)

To tame an Andrewsarchus, you will need to give it honey. You can get the Honey from a standard bee hive, or you can farm honey nodes in the area where you are about to tame them. You will need a pickaxe to harvest the honey node. The Honey you harvested will decay over time, so don’t hang to it. Just harvest 25-30 and go for the taming process.

Ghillie Armor and Crossbow are not must-have items. Ghillie Armor reduces the vision range by about 50 percent so the Andrewsarchus doesn’t get spooked easily when you approach it. Crossbow is like a grappling hook in the game. It will help you in climbing if Andrewsarchus tries to chase you down. That ought to break its line of sight and return back to normal.


Now to actually start the taming process, you will need to isolate the beast from obstacles and other animals within its surroundings. The debris and other animals tend to mess up the taming process, which might end up resetting the taming process.

Once you have done that, you will hurl the honey you harvested earlier, close to the Andrewsarchus. When the beast gets close to the honey and starts eating it, rush towards from either side and mount on it to start the taming process.

When you start the taming process, there will be two arrow icons that will pop up on your screen.  When either one of the arrows is green, hold them down with the movement keys (A and D) until they turn red. Keep repeating the process until you have tamed the beast. The taming effectiveness gradually decreases over time, so you might need to start over again if the effectiveness drops to zero.

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