Ark Crystal Isles Dung Beetle Location and Taming

In this guide, we will tell you where to find dung beetle in Ark Crystal Isles and what are the best ways to tame it.

Dung Beetle is a small yet useful creature in Ark Crystal Isles that you can use to gather fertilizer and oil. It is not a breedable or rideable creature but once tamed; you can feed it feces and convert it to Fertilizer and Oil. This guide will cover complete details about finding and taming Dung Beetle in Ark Crystal Isles.

Ark Crystal Isles Dung Beetle Location

You can find Dung Beetles in Ark Crystal Isles at the coordinates below.

  • 7°Latitude, 41.3°Longitude
  • 0° Latitude, 39.9° Longitude
  • 2° Latitude, 48.6° Longitude

Dung Beetle is not a giant creature; you will need to get close to it if you want to find it. The locations like 54.7 LAT and 41.3 LON will take you to a rocky area close to streams. Here you will encounter a few Dung Beetles roaming.

The second coordinate will take you to the beach area, where you can continue to move forward along the beach and find some Dung Beetles. You can also get to the desert area here and find some Dung Beetles there.

The third location will take you to a cave area where you can find these Dung beetles inside or close to the caves. These beetles are not difficult to tame at all, and you don’t have to worry.

Bring some tame like Quetzal that can pick this creature is recommended so you can take it away from areas filled with other predators.


How to Tame Dung Beetle

Dung Beetle is a relatively easy-to-tame creature in Ark Crystal Isles. The best foods are given below for taming this creature in Ark Crystal Isle.

  • Large Animal Feces
  • Medium Animal Feces
  • Small Animal Feces
  • Human Feces
  • Spoiled Meat

Once you have the required food and find one Dung Beetle, you can start the taming process immediately. Just make sure the surrounding is free from any dangerous predators as they usually live in areas full of dangerous creatures.

If you see some dangerous creature nearby, you can use your tames like Quetzal and carry the Dung Beetle to some other area where you think other creatures will not disturb you.

Now to start the taming process, the approach is pretty simple. You must stand behind the Dung Beetle and feed it the food it loves. Feces is the best food, and we recommend you go with that if you want to speed up the taming process.

You will not need any particular weapon to deal with this creature, as even a few hits from the stone pick can kill it. So avoid using a heavy weapon, or you will kill it. It wouldn’t take long to tame this creature in Ark Crystal Isles.

Once tamed, you can use Dung Beetle to convert feces into Oil and Fertilizer. To do so, you must move feces into the Dung Beetle inventory and set it to wandering. Make sure you put it on wandering inside the pen or in a wooden cage so it wouldn’t get away.

Make sure to put more feces into its inventory after collecting the Fertilizer and Oil as it will not gather feces automatically; you have to put it manually after some time.

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