Doom 3: BFG Lost Mission Storage Locker Unlock Codes

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The new re-mastered edition of doom 3 polishes the old game to give players a better experience, but it also comes with its own exclusive content, the lost missions.

The lost mission leaves players desperate for ammo and guns, which is why the storage lockers full of goodies are a sight for sore eyes, (plus for all you, OCD players out there, finding all of them unlocks the “Goody Finder” achievement).

However, you need codes to access them, and if you are missing out on any, read on. Here’s a list of all the storage lockers and codes you can find in the lost missions’ campaign.

For more help on Doom 3 BFG, read our Storage/Door Unlock Codes, Video Log Locations and PDA Locations Guide.

Doom 3 Lost Mission Storage Locker Codes

Level 2

  • Shotgun Locker: 731

Level 3:

  • Locker 054:    631

Level 4

  • Locker 108:    847

Level 5

  • Locker 104:    579
  • Locker 965:    429
  • Locker 071:    532

Level 6

  • Locker 805:    372
  • Locker 806:    372

Found codes not listed here? Please leave a comment.

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  • James

    Locker #965 the code is 428.

  • HabaneroPB

    In Level 5, locker 965 code is 428, not 429.

  • David B McKenzie

    Locker 965 is NOT 429.
    If you’d played the game you’d know that.

  • hedmunky84

    Locker 965: 428 NOT 429

  • trent

    Level 5 965 is 428 not 429

  • Jesse

    Some more misinformation here. Finding the lockers in Lost Mission does not award you any trophy. Only finding the lockers in the Doom 3 main campaign gives you Goody Finder. You receive nothing from RoE and LM.

  • Just Me

    On locker 965 the code isn’t 429…what’s the real code?

    • kevin

      it is 428

    • Jimmy V,

      the code for cabient.# 965 is….. 428.

  • stanley

    typo for locker 965 the code is 428

  • MasterJ633

    Borderlands 2 Lost Mission Storage Locker Codes?

    I think you made a Typo.

    And I found out the Codes to the Cabinets in Level 6 from somebody that posted them on the Steam Forums in My Topic.

    They said the Level 6 Cabinet Code was located in the same room, in the computer room, located on a “Post It” Note, and you’d have to use the Flashlight to see it.

    372 is the correct code for both in Level 6.

    Those were all the Cabinets I found when playing.
    I didn’t find Any in Level 1, or Either Hell Level (7 & 8)

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Typo yes :) Thanks for the heads up!