Borderlands 2 Skins and Heads Unlock Guide – How To Customize Your Character

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Although Borderlands 2 does not give players many character customization options initially, you can unlock some cool stuff throughout your adventure in Pandora. I am talking about the skins and the heads you can unlock by completing different missions or completing the challenges.

Killing enemies and bosses can also get you these skins and heads but since they are random, you may have to kill a lot of them before some enemy drops the loot you have been hunting for.

For more help on Borderlands 2, read our Character Builds, Legendary Weapons and Vault Symbol Locations Guide. Follow this guide to unlock new skins and heads to customize your character.

Borderlands 2 – How to Unlock Custom Heads

#1 You can get a head as a loot after you take out a badass enemy.

#2 You can earn heads as rewards by completing the following missions:

  • Symbiosis
  • In Memoriam
  • Statuesque

#3 If you can complete the challenge, “To Pay the Bills,” you can earn a head.

#4 On Defeating the following bosses:

  • Boss of mission “Best Mother’s Day Ever”
  • Boss of mission “Where Angels Fear to Tread”

#5 There is more you can grab by defeating the first two targets of “The Talon of God.” And if you manage to defeat the target “You. Will. Die. (Seriously)”, there is one more to grab.

#6 Defeat hidden enemy in Caustic Caverns.

Borderlands 2 – How to Unlock Custom Skins

Following are the ways you can use to unlock additional skins in Borderlands 2:

  • If you manage to complete all the challenges, you can unlock 33 of them (approximate).
  • You can get 8 of them as item of the day from the vending machines.
  • Slot machines can get you 2 of them randomly.
  • You can get skins (8) as rewards from the following missions:
    • This Town Ain’t Big Enough
    • No Vacancy
    • The Cold Shoulder
    • The Overlooked: Medicine Man
    • Capture the Flags
    • To Grandmother’s House We Go
    • Cordially Invited: Party Prep
    • Shielded Favors
  • Enemies and Bosses will get you almost 14 of them.
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  • Furrytyger69

    You forgot a crucial free customization head. You can get one for free, and its a GUARANTEED drop, everytime you kill the psycho guy on the path to the top of the volcano in Eridium Blight. He has some name like Gary or something but hes the only enemy on the entire path of the volcano. He’s literally just there to drop a head customization. The only thing is, he probably won’t drop one for your class of character. When I killed him with my Psycho he dropped a siren one.

  • steveo

    Can I use downloaded skins on multiple accounts?

  • Assassins

    what it boss?

  • Mig

    I had the badass bug happen to me last week, I was wondering can still get my heads and skins back even though Ive beaten all the quests (dlc included) in vault hunter mode?

  • Salvador

    one of the heads some of you are talking about you earn at the end of the last Story mission, so you know the smaller boss you kill in this mission will be the one to drop what you trying to get, if its your first time doing the mission on your current playthrough im pretty sure it’s always dropped.

  • Spelldragon

    Heads and skins only unlock for the character you’re playing as. I’ve done the first five or so hours with all five characters and each time I get a head or skin it is specific to that character. It’s something specific for that class, though, not just a duplicate. Vehicle skins, however, are unlocked for all characters as they don’t change appearance based on who you are.

  • Kyle

    How do i change my skins??

    • Gavyn

      Go to sanctuary or the first place you meet Sir Hammerlock and there will be a machine that has a body and a head both holograms that switch press that and there you go!

  • John

    The boss on “Best mother’s day ever” never dropped a head. Is it a random drop?

    Also “Where angels fear to tread” where is that in the story? I beat the game but don’t remember missions in order. (try to describe without spoiling.)

    • Broken181

      Both the “Best mother’s day ever” and “Where angels fear to tread” heads are random drops. It took me at least 35 tries to get the former, hopefully you’ll be luckier.

      As for “Where angels fear to tread” I’m not sure how to describe it without spoiling too much, so I’ll just say “Bunker”.

      • John

        Am I able to go back and fight them?

      • John

        Wait… on “Where Fear….” is it b***** or a****?

        • Broken181

          Yes your are able to go back and fight them (not a**** though). The one that drops the head is B*****.

  • Graham

    Just played through ‘Best Mother’s Day Ever’ and didn’t unlock a head, dunno if the author of the article is incorrect about that or if my game is just glitchy…

    • Ali Asif

      On Which platform you are playing the game?

    • Chris

      To me it looks like u get the head for completing both of the following:

      Boss of mission “Best Mother’s Day Ever”
      Boss of mission “Where Angels Fear to Tread”

      Not absolutely sure, but that was my take on it. Hope that helps!

      • Broken181

        You may have to kill Henry The Stalker many many times to get it, and even then, it might not be for the class you’re playing. It’s a purple drop so it’s pretty rare.

  • Jareth

    Dumb question I know but if I get heads and skins for a siren and commando can I just use them with my assassin and them be unlocked when I change characters?

    I would assume it’s profile based not character based so the answer would be yes but I’m not sure; and with only the four slots in the trade stash it would seem annoying to have to start a bunch of characters and get them to the stash to get out the skins heads only, then continue on my first play through.

    • Chris

      Skins are account/profile unlocks. If on Xbox / PS3, they are more or less tied to your Gamertag/PSN ID’s save file. So ANY character I make while signed into my XBL account will have access to the skins I unlocked while playing on my Assassin.

  • aaron

    soo, what happens if i accidentally sell skins i earned from challenges? will i ever be able to get them again?

    • sjcodan

      Yes! challenges reset on new characters, so you can get on another one. Skins and Heads are universal, so if you use it on one, you get it for all.

      • magikoopa

        Actually I know of at least 1 head that isn’t universal, and 1 skin where you have to get it for each specific class.

  • Milenkov

    Hello, just curious, can you specify which boss in Where angels fear to tread gives you the head? no spoilers necessary just say b or a, I never found a head during that mission, though I could’ve sworn I saw a blue item fall out of the b, but I thought it fell to an instakill area. :<

    • Paracidic

      The last boss. The last enemy you kill. Know who I’m talking about? The little guy, not the big guy. He’s easy once you get rid of the big guy finally. I hope you are getting this, I’m trying really hard not to spoil anything.

      Anyway, it’s essentially the head of the little guy who drops it.