XCOM Chimera Squad Disrupt Their Leadership Walkthrough

We have prepared a complete XCOM Chimera Squad Disrupt Their Leadership walkthrough to help you out in the investigation against Gray Phoenix

After completing the Track Personnel Movement against the Gray Phoenix, your next task to take down the faction will be to disrupt their leadership. We have prepared a complete XCOM Chimera Squad Disrupt Their Leadership walkthrough to help you out with that.

XCOM Chimera Squad Disrupt Their Leadership

The ‘Disrupt Their Leadership’ objective will give you 6 days ahead of the ‘Uncover hidden operation in Downtown’ when it becomes available.

When this objective shows up, there will probably be a lot of notifications in the HQ which you have to view and see if there’s something important in there. After that, open the City Map and begin a Spec Op.

After you complete the Field Teams demo, a notification will pop up on your screen telling you that a new Situation has just begun at the Scavenger Market.

Before you go there, make sure your squad is healed up from the previous missions, and buy some special items if you want, then open the City Map once again.

If the District Unrest in some districts increases, do some missions to relax it. Select any purple mission to advance the main operation.

The best one to do at this time is the ‘Defend Compromised Server’ mission.

Defend Compromised Server
The entry point for this mission will be security door, and the bonus will grant the last agent to enter through the door +1 armor.

There won’t be that many aggressive targets in this area but the enemies at the main door will be very difficult to attack because of the low visibility.

In this encounter, you have to delete the server within a specific number of rounds. Have an agent run towards the terminal and interact with it to complete the mission.

After you complete the mission, there will still be one day left before the operation.

Choose another situation to advance it. The best situation to do is the ‘Protect Hydroelectric Plant in Downtown’.

Protect Hydroelectric Plant in Downtown
There will be two main doors in this encounter.

One of these doors will have the ‘Ready for Anything’ bonus, which increases Dodge by +50 for all units (for 1 round) and the other will have ‘Fleet Footed’, which increases Mobility of all units by +3 (for 1 round) and ‘The Best for Last’ which gives the last agent to enter through this door the ability to always land their shot.

For the second door, use an agent which deals very high damage but doesn’t have much accuracy; like an agent with a shotgun.

In the second encounter, sneak into the room through the vent using Torque. Prepare yourself for a big fight as there are quite a lot of hostiles in this area.

For the first three rounds, there will be an optional objective where you need to gather evidence. If the encounter is going smoothly, do attempt this objective.

In the last encounter, you can either use the main door, which has Quick Scan or use the other door which has Helping Hand.

Quick Scan will mark the first agent to enter through the door until the encounter is completed. Helping Hand will give the last agent to enter through an additional action point.

Do note that the best way to go is to take care of the enemy in a non-lethal manner.

There will be some pretty difficult enemies in this area. Some of them will be able to mind-control your agents.

Eliminate the host as soon as you can. If someone’s being mind-controlled, use Verge’s Stun ability.

After you complete this mission and the Disrupt Their Leadership objective is over, go back to the HQ and you’ll now have the choice to do one of the following two operations: ‘Stop Alien Abductions’ or ‘Find Weapon Suppliers’.