Playdead’s Inside Is Now the Highest Rated Xbox One Game

Xbox One exclusive inside is now the highest rated Xbox one exclusive game, and has overtaken Ori And The Blind Forest, which was previously the highest.

Inside is the follow up to the Playdead’s critically acclaimed game, Limbo. The game has been receiving some spectacular reviews by the critics, and Inside was liked so much by the critics that it is now the most highest rated Xbox One game of all time.

Inside has a metascore of 91 on Metacritic, and right now the game is in third place in Xbox One’s overall multi-platform leaderboard, just behind Grand Theft Auto V and Metal Gear Solid Phantom pain.

It is interesting to see that an indie dev is making huge waves, and managing to leave behind the likes of Overwatch and The Witcher 3. It is the proof of Playdead’s commitment to quality and their ambition.

What is most interesting is that the Inside has overtaken the previous highest rated Xbox One exclusive, Ori And The Blind Forest, which is then followed by Forza Motorsport 6.

During Microsoft’s E3 press conference, the company revealed that almost all Xbox exclusive games will launch on PC, along with cross-play support. However, Limbo was also an Xbox exclusive on launch, but eventually released on PlayStation 4 and PC.

So it is highly likely given Microsoft’s announcement, that Inside will also release for PlayStation 4.

Inside is an puzzle platformer adventure game, which follows a young boy in an eerie in a almost monochromatic landscape solving environmental puzzles and avoiding boy’s death. The game is quite similar to Limbo in terms of visuals and theme.

Inside tells the story of a young boy who struggles against some kind of evil force, which is trying to take over the world through some shady experimentation on human bodies. The game will take players to different environments like forests, factory-like warehouse and under water.

Inside was released today for Xbox One and PC.

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