Xbox One App Beta for Windows 10 has Been Launched

The beta version of Microsoft's Xbox One app for Windows 10 has been launched on Windows Store.

Good news for Microsoft fans, the Xbox One app beta for Windows 10 is finally live on the Windows Store which means you can get it right away.

However, since even the official description reads “the Xbox Beta app program gives fans an opportunity to provide early input on features and enhancements coming to the Xbox app on Windows 10, helping us shape the product based on fan feedback,” downloaders should understand that this is certainly not the finished product.

All this is happening parallel to the preview program that is currently being held to test the new Xbox One Experience which is going to provide users with a new dashboard and more.

Microsoft is currently prepping for the massive November update that is supposed to completely revamp the user experience for everyone who owns their consoles and uses Windows 10 – and apparently, things are going pretty well so far.

The Xbox One app beta boasts of features that let you stay connected with the community through your computer by allowing you to “view activity feeds, send messages, watch game clips [and] find new friends.”

You also get to steam Xbox One games on your Windows 10 PC as well as “share game clips and view your achievements and Gamerscore.”

Last but not the least, you get to “party chat with other gamers on Windows 10 PC and Xbox One, and join them in cross-device multiplayer with games like Fable Legends and Gigantic.”

Are you going to try out the Xbox One app beta for Windows 10? If you want to, this is where you can get it

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