WoW Elders Locations Guide – Lunar Festival 2012 Achievements

World of Warcraft Elders Location Guide - Lunar Festival 2012 Achievements and Rewards.

Get ready to harness some blessings as the first in-game holiday season is in-bound and guess what? It’s the traditional Lunar Festival where you can get rewards in the form of blessings from the elders scattered in different regions. The duration window decided for the event is from Jan 22 to Feb 12 so you will have three weeks to earn the valuable achievements.

The holidays festival is almost same as the earlier ones but this time, there are 9 new Elders to find in Cataclysm zone. They aren’t hard to spot but you sure need plenty of traveling to do which is also time-consuming. Following guide will help you in finding these elders and get the rewards.

Note. The coördinates mentioned will help you find those elders if you have the ‘Coordinates‘ add-on installed.

Lunar Festival 2012 Rewards

Honoring these elders will earn useful items like coins of Ancestry (84) and Reputation (over 6000). You can use Ancestry coins to purchase festival related items. Each elder will also give you “Lucky Red Envelope” which then can be used to get Lunar Fortune Buff (+250 health). You want all of this and more? Start finding the elders.

Elders Of Eastern Kingdoms

The Elders of eastern Kingdomaren’t hard to find. You need to spot (usually the big beam of light) them and have a small conversation to earn the blessing. Following is a list of elders you can find in Eastern kingdoms with the respective coördinates:

Elder Graveborn
Location: Brill, in Tirisfal Glades
Coordinates: 61,53


Elder Obsidian
Location: Silverpine forest (The Seplucher)
Coordinates: 45,41

Elder Meadowrun
Location: Western Plaguelands, into EPL, inside the cave
Coordinates: 63,36

Elder Moonstrike
Location: Western Plaguelands (Scholomance buildings)
Coordinates: 69,73

Elder Windrun
Location: Eastern Plaguelands (Crown Guard Tower)
Coordinates: 36,69

Elder Showcrown
Location: Eastern Plaguelands (Light’s Hope Chappel)
Coordinates: 75,54

Elder Highpeak
Location: Hinterlands (Creeping Ruins)
Coordinates: 49,47

Elder Stormbrow
Location: Elwyn Forest, in Goldshire behind the blacksmith shop.
Coordinates: 40,64

Elder Skychaser
Location: West fall, top of the tower (Sentinel hill)
Coordinates: 56,47

Elder Dawnstrider
Location: Burning Steppes (Dreadmaul Rock)
Coordinates: 54,24

Elder Runblerock
Location: Burning Steppes (Dreadmaul rock)
Coordinates: 70,45

Elder Silvervein
Location: Loch Modan (Thelsamar)
Coordinates: 33,46

Elder Goldwell
Location: Dun Morogh (Kharanos)
Coordinates: 54,50

Elder Goldwell
Location: Dun Morogh (Kharanos)
Coordinates: 54,50

Elder Ironband
Location: Searing Gorge, outside the Blackchar cave.
Coordinates: 21,79

Elder Starglade
Location: Northern Stranglethorn (Zul’gurb Entrance)
Coordinates: 71,34

Elder Winterhoof
Location: Vale of Stranglethron (Booty Bay)
Coordinates: 40,72

Elder Bellowrage
Location: Blasted Lands (Dark Portal)
Coordinates: 54,49

Elders of Kalimdor

Elder Bladeleaf
Location: Teldrassil, Dolanaar
Coordinates: 57,53

Elder Starweave
Location: Darkshore (In the Lor’danel section)
Coordinates: 49,19

Elder Brightspear
Location: Winterspring (Lake Kel’Theril)
Coordinates: 53,56

Elder Stonespire
Location: Winterspring (Everlook)
Coordinates: 60,50

Elder Nightwind
Location: Felwood (Jaedenar)
Coordinates: 38,53

Elder Riversong
Location: Ashenvaale (Astranaar)
Coordinates: 35,49

Elder Skygleam
Location: Azshara (Ravencrest Monument)
Coordinates: 64,79

Elder Runetotem
Location: Durotar (Razorhill)
Coordinates: 53,43

Elder Windtotem
Location: Northern Barrens (Ratchet)
Coordinates: 68,70

Elder Moonwarden
Location: Northern Barrens (The Crossroads)
Coordinates: 48,59

Elder Bloodhoof
Location: Mulgore (Bloodhoof Village)
Coordinates: 48,53

Elder High Mountain
Location: Southern Barrens (The Crossroads)
Coordinates: 41,47

Elder Morningdew
Location: Thousnad Needles (Fizzle & Fozzik’s Sppedbarge)
Coordinates: 77,75

Elder Skyseer
Location: Thousand needles (Freewind post)
Coordinates: 46,51

Elder Dreemseer
Location: Tanaris (Gadgetzan)
Coordinates: 51,27

Elder Ragetotem
Location: Tanaris (Outside Ruins of Uldem)
Coordinates: 37,79

Elder Thunderhorn
Location: Un’Goro Crater (Slithering Scars)
Coordinates: 50,76

Elder Primestone
Location: Silithus (Crystal Vale)
Coordinates: 31,13

Elder Bladesing
Location: Silithus (Cinarion Hold)
Coordinates: 53,35

Elder Grimtoten
Location: Feralas (Lariss Pavilion)
Coordinates: 76,37

Elder Mistwalker
Location: Feralas (Maul, The PvP area)
Coordinates: 62,31

Elders Of The Alliance

Elder Bladeswift
Location: Darnassus (Cenarion Enclave)

Elder Brozebeard
Location: Iron Forge (Mystic Ward)
Coordinates: 29,16

Elder Hammershout
Location: Stromwind (outside the front gates)
Coordinates: 34, 51

Elders Of The Horde

Elder Darkcore
Location: Ruins of Lordaeron, look inside the old throne room.
Coordinates: 67,38

Elder Darkhorn
Location: Orgrimmar (By Flight Master)
Coordinates: 52,60

Elder Ezra Wheathoof
Location: Thunder Bluff (Elder Rise)
Coordinates: 73,23

Elders of Northrend

Elder Arp
Location: Borean Tundra (D.E.H.T.A)
Coordinates: 57,43

Elder Beldak
Location: Grizzly Hills (Westfall Brigade Encampment)
Coordinates: 60,27

Elder Bluewolf
Location: Wintergrasp (Wintergrasp Fortress)
Coordinates: 49,30

Elder Fargal
Location: The Storm Peaks (Frosthold)
Coordinates: 29,73

Elder Graymane
Location: The Storm Peaks (K3)
Coordinates: 41,84.7

Elder Lunaro
Location: Grizzly Hills (Ruins of Tethys)
Coordinates: 80,37

Elder Morthie
Location: Dragonblight (Star’s Rest)
Coordinates: 29,56

Elder Muraco
Location: The Storm Peaks (Camp Tunka’lo)
Coordinates: 64,51

Elder Northal
Location: Borean Tundra (Transitus Shield)
Coordinates: 39,34

Elder Pamuya
Location: Borean Tundra (Valiance Keep)
Coordinates: 59,65

Elder Skywarden
Location: Dragonblight (Agmar’s Hammer)
Coordinates: 35,48

Elder Stonebeard
Location: The Storm Peaks (Boldercrag’s Refuge)
Coordinates: 31,37

Elder Tauros
Location: Zul’Dark
Coordinates: Zim’Torga

Elder Thoim
Location: Dragon Blight (Mao’ki Harbor)
Coordinates: 49,78

Elder Wanikaya
Location: Sholazar Basin (Rainspeaker Rapids)
Coordinates: 64,49

Elder Whurain
Location: Grizzly Hills (Camp Oneqwah)
Coordinates: 64,47

Elders Of The Cataclysm

Elder Firebeard
Location: Twilight Highlands (The Dunwald Ruins)
Coordinates: 50,70

Elder Darkfeather
Location: Twilight Highlands (Thundermar Ruins)
Coordinates: 51,33

Elder Stonebrand
Location: Deepholm (Temple of Earth)
Coordinates: 49,54

Elder Deepforge
Location: Deepholm (Stonehearth)
Coordinates: 27,69

Elder Moonlance
Location: Shimmering Expanse (Beil’aran Ridge)
Coordinates: 57,86

Elder Windsong
Location: Mount Hyjal (Sanctuary of Malorne)
Coordinates: 26,62

Elder Evershade
Location: Mount Hyjal (Nordassil)
Coordinates: 62,22

Elder Sekhemi
Location: Uldum (The Ruins of Ammon)
Coordinates: 32,63

Elder Menkhaf
Location: Uldum (Khartut’s Tomb)
Coordinates: 65,18

Elders Of The Dungeons

Elder Chogan’gada
Location: Utgrade Pinnacle, look o the stairs after sakdi the ruthless

Elder Igasho
Location: The Nexus, Just beside the Tree-sharper’s ramp

Elder Jarten
Location: Utgrade Keep (After Prince Keleseth)

Elder Kilias
Location: Drak’Tharon Keep (King Dred’s den)

Elder Nurgen
Location: Azjol-Nerub (Past Hadronox)

Elder Yrauk
Location: Halls of Stone, while you are on your way to Krystallus

Elder Yurauk
Location: Gundrak (Behind the Drakkari Colossus)

Elder Splitrock
Location: Maraudon, look for the elder in the tunnel between Rotgrip and Tinkerer Gizlock
Coordinates: 51,93

Elder Wildmane
Location: Zul’Furk (Gahz’rilla’s room)

Elder Farwhisper
Location: Eastern Plaguelands (Stratholme). Enter through the main gate.

Elder Morndeep
Location: Blackrock Depths, Ring of Law

Elder Starsong
Location: Swamp of sorrows, in the temple, head inside the entrance and then head left.

Elder Stonefort
Location: Blackrock mountain (Blackrock spire)

If you find it difficult to locate any elder, let us know in comments and we will help you out.

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