Weird West Tips

With Weird West taking place in the West, you are sure to come across danger, whether an outlaw or a man easting animal from the wild. In this guide, we have gathered some of the best tips to help you survive longer in the lands of the Weird West.

Weird West Best Combat Tips

You’ll often die when playing Weird West from either the hands of a foe or a hungry animal coming out from the corners. These situations make the gameplay challenging and require you to use all of the game’s mechanics in sync.

Below are a few Combat tips to last longer in Weird West.

Use Action Points Wisely

Apart from your health bar, there’s an entire section dedicated to your Action points. Action Points help you perform certain attacks that you can use on your opponent when needed.

However, using them too often will be wrong since you must save a few attacks exclusively for a particular enemy.

Use Throwable Attacks

Throwable attacks can be performed using a Throwable weapon ranging from dynamite to a flashbang.

These weapons must not be ignored since they deal amazing damage, and using lighting in a bottle helps you see in dark places such as caves.

Use Health Kits

There are two possible ways to regenerate your health in Weird West. The first way is to intake food, and the other is to use bandages.

While bandages can easily be equipped into your inventory, it’s really difficult to find food in the open especially considering that food is mostly looted from corpses.

Therefore, it’s best to use bandages to regain your health since you’ll be at max health in one moment and, within a blink of an eye, will be on the verge of dying in the very next moment.

Use the Best Weapons

The best tip to provide a player is to equip the best Combat Weapons. Later in the game, you’ll see your foes not taking as much damage from your standard weapon as you expected.

This is a warning sign that you must upgrade your weaponry as soon as possible before coming across dangerous opponents.

Two of the most useful weapons in Weird West are the machete and cleaver, as they provide you with melee attacks and durability, which is highly required in a battle fought in the West.

Weird West Best Inventory Tips

Your inventory plays an integral part in storing your items. Below are a few tips that will surely help you improve your Inventory in Weird West.

Don’t Waste your Inventory Slots

Putting junk into your Inventory slot can play a negative role since the inventory you get in Weird West is quite limited. Therefore, it’s best to put useful items in the slot.

For example, do not select too many food items for your inventory, as the game provides you with healing in the form of bandages.

Expand your Inventory

Your inventory is quite limited, but there are a few ways to expand it. The best method to expand your inventory is by purchasing a horse for 250 bucks, as it provides you with 32 additional inventory slots.

Send Gifts to Your Allies

Providing your companions with items you don’t need can also increase your Inventory slots by 32 with each group you talk to.

You need to talk to your allies and ask them to show you their equipment. This is where you can gift them the weapons you don’t need. The best part about it Is that the weapons you give to your companions don’t necessarily require ammo.

Get the Best Items Early On

The best items to pick in the initial phase of the game are lockpicks, Pickaxes, kits, skinning tool bag, a bank locker, and ammo for your weapons, as they will grant you 32 additional slots for your inventory.

Weird West Best Money Farming Tips

There are several ways you can earn money in Weird West. Below we have selected the best possible methods through which you can farm money.

Bounty Hunting

Since the game takes place in the West, it’s pretty obvious Bounty Hunting must be a thing. Bounty Hunting is not only just present in Weird West but also one of the best ways to earn money.

Simply grab your Bounty contracts and increase your reputation to earn a good amount of money.

Sell Items

The best items to sell are probably Bars and Nuggets, as they provide an amazing amount of money early on in the game.

  • Gold Bars – $45
  • Silver Bars -$30
  • Copper Bar – $15
  • Gold Nuggets – $15
  • Silver Nuggets – $10
  • Copper Nuggets – $5

Use Haggler Perks

There are multiple Perks in Weird West, with each perk coming in handy at some point in the game. The same goes for the Haggler Perks, reducing shop prices and service fees.

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