Weird West Easy Fast Money Farming Tips

Like any other game in Weird West, you will also need money to progress smoothly through the game. There are different ways to farm a good amount of money in Weird West. This guide will cover tips for fast money farming in Weird West.

Weird West Fast Money Farming Tips

Below you will find the tips for fast money farming in Weird West.

Selling Junk

One of the fastest ways of farming money in Weird West is selling your junk at the general store in Grackle. In this way, you will make some fast cash and get rid of useless items. This will free up your inventory for useful items.

Bounty Hunting Contracts

Another way of making some good cash is completing the bounty hunting contracts. Completing these contracts will also help in increasing your reputation.

Selling Nuggets and Bars

You can visit the bank in Grackle, and there you will find ore buyer, Carol Lozano. You can sell your copper, gold, and silver bars and nuggets to her for some good money. The cash you can get for them can be seen in the list below.

  • Gold Bar: $45
  • Gold Nugget: $15
  • Silver Bar: $30
  • Silver Nugget: $10
  • Copper Bar: $15
  • Copper Nugget: $5

Increasing Your Reputation

Increasing reputation is not a way of earning money, but this will help you get items at lower prices. In this way, you will end up saving some good money.

Haggler Perk

You can invest in the Haggler perk to reduce the prices of service fees and stores. You have to invest Golden Ace of Spades into this perk to reduce prices. There are three levels of Haggler which can be seen below.

  • 1st Level: Shop prices and service fees are reduced by 5%
  • 2nd Level: Shop prices and service fees are reduced by 12%
  • Final Level: Shop prices and service fees are reduced by 30%

You can buy items at reduced prices and sell them at higher prices for making fast money.


Breaking into different buildings and shops can also help you make some quick cash. You can rob different items from there and then sell these items for money.

Selling Items

You can collect different items like clothes, medicines, weapons, etc. After that, you can sell them at the respective shop to make money quickly in the Weird West.

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