Watch Dogs Support Characters and Villains Profiled in New Video

Weeks before the game is finally set to launch, ubisoft has released a new video for its upcoming open world title, Watch Dogs.

The video which can be seen on the official Instagram page of the game reveals details about some of the major characters in game.

One of the support characters helping our protagonist Aiden Pearce is Clara Lille, a young tattoo artist who also works as a hacker for DedSec, the most famous hacking collective in Chicago.

DedSec openly opposes ctOS and is always trying to prove the system is flawed.

Another supporting character is T-Bone Grady, a 52 year old welder and a skilled hacker. Grady is always up for a challenge, trying to hack into restricted content and according to the video he is “Wanted for civil disobedience”.

T-Bone and Aiden are quite good friends and work well as a team.


Jordi Chin, another major character is mentioned. Jordi is a guy who really knows how to live under the radar as is evident by the No Record in the video except his name.

Jordi is a charismatic and intelligent Fixer, not the kind that fixes your household appliances or your car. Working as a mercenary, Jordi has a complicated relationship with Aiden. They don’t really get along well with each other but when the need arises, they are willing to work together.

One of the antagonists shown in the video is Anthony ‘Iraq’ Wade, a former Army Signal Specialist. Wade, despite his young age is the leader of Black Viceroys, a large gang of ‘expendable’ mercenaries.

Probably the main antagonist of the game, Dermot ‘Lucky’ Quinn is shown at the end of the video. A 75 year old philanthropist and a self-made mob boss. Lucky actually had to fight for everything he controls now.

As head of the Chicago South Club, this guy knows the value of technology and doesn’t shy away from embracing it.

As previously seen in the Story Trailer of the game, Quinn hires gangs and controls many illegal activities throughout the city including human trafficking.

Following an approximately 6 month delay since its original release date, Watch Dogs is finally set to launch on 27th May for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. The Wii U version will release somewhere around Fall 2014.

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