Wasteland 3 Counterintelligence Walkthrough

In our Wasteland 3 Counterintelligence Walkthrough will help you navigate your way through this scondary mission in Wasteland 3.

In this Wasteland 3 Counterintelligence guide, we will walk you through one of the many side quests you can find in the vast wasteland of Colorado.

Stick with us, as we show you how to get through different parts of the mission, and the items you’ll be able to find along the way.

Wasteland 3 Counterintelligence

Our journey starts off with tracking down Vivisecto’s assistant who can very conveniently be found in the hangar right behind the Machine Commune.

Talk to Vivisecto once you reach the hangar, and inquire him about the healing and the repair methods at the Machine Commune.

Protect V.I.C.I MK IX from any and all hostile animals that threaten the Commune at all costs.

You can find V.I.C.I in danger on the left side of the Machine Commune. Once you’ve defeated all enemies, approach it.

You will then acquire the Tissue Samples that you need for the mission. Beyond this point, you will have to pick one of two options.

Send him Back?
You can either send V.I.C.I back to Vivisecto, RN. However, choosing this route requires Nerd Stuff (6), and locks away the possibility of recruiting V.I.C.I. into your roster.

Recruit Him?
The second option is recruiting V.I.C.I for the Ranger HQ. Tell V.I.C.I to come and work for you back at the Ranger HQ. Doing so, you’ll gain an additional ally by your side.

If you happened to choose the latter, you will have to head back to Vivisector, and either choose to lie regarding his death, or simply confess that you recruited him to work by your side.

If you choose to confess, you will have to pay $200 as compensation (Skippable if you use Kiss Ass 6).

Completing the quest, you will be rewarded with the Cyborg Tech perk.

Recruiting V.I.C.I will unlock dialogues at the Medical Area, which in turn rewards your characters with the Investigative Eye perk (Gives +1 Perception).

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