How To Use Two Point Hospital Research Effectively

Our Two Point Hospital Research Guide will help you with upgrading your Research Center as well as researching new rooms for your hospital.

One of the main tasks that you have as the manager of your very own hospital is to research and develop a few extra rooms so that you can treat and cure patients more readily, and our Two Point Hospital Research Guide will be your one-stop guide on how to do that.

Apart from improved diagnosis capacity and improved equipment, Research will also help you earn money and Kudosh in the game.

Setup Research Room at Mitton University

Before you can build a Research Room to conduct Research, you will need to unlock Mitton University level in the game. This university is only available once you have achieved a one-star rating on the previous hospital.

While you can make a Research room in any hospital, Mitton University is recommended because it has the best cash bonuses. If you keep your research in one place, it becomes easier to manage rather than having different research centers in different hospitals. You shouldn’t worry much about the research room layout at the start, as we will be starting at the base level. You will be able to customize it later.

Once the Research Room is set up, you will need doctors to conduct research projects. The doctors should have research skills to work in the Research room. You can either hire those who have research skill already, or you can train them. Both methods work great. You will start with the base research level 1 which you can increase and take it to level 5. Each level you get will grant you bonuses up to level 5. I recommend that you try to reach level 5 as quickly as possible to get the maximum research benefits.

These research doctors can be used for a plethora of purposes, such as launching new projects, diagnosing some of the more advanced illnesses that you are currently unable to do so, and discovering new rooms for you to build in.

How to Speed Up Research in Two Point Hospital

Making the appropriate number of research points requires much time. There are two methods for accelerating the procedure. One of which is hiring more research personnel.

Simply tap on the room to reveal the needed worker and a scale that lets you manage the staff numbers. They all need to be capable of conducting research. The pace of research increases with the number of researchers working simultaneously.

The 2nd method is the room’s proper gear and equipment. Research speed can be increased by items like a researcher’s workstation or a server. The rate of study may be sped up by around 12 percent with a lot of these tools and technology.

The cost, though, is the issue. Equipping the laboratories with this equipment will be costly because all of these goods are pricey. Hence, using this strategy during the early phases of hospital procedures is unwise. Alternatively, this would function effectively at bigger, more lucrative hospitals.

How to Make Money and Kudosh Through Research

Once you have the research room or multiple research rooms, you can use your doctors to start research projects, which will be completed after some time. The money required to initiate the project is low as compared to the reward you will get after completion. Each completed project will also net you Kudosh, which you can use to get the items you want.

You Can Use Research Rooms for Other New Hospitals as Well

So you have set up a big research lab at Mitton Hospital, but you have research needs in other hospitals and for other levels as your research progress won’t carry over to the next level. What then? There is an easy method you can use to utilize your Mitton University research lab for other hospitals. What you need to do is start a research project in your new research room in the new hospital. It will be super slow due to low resources. To speed things up, go to Mitton Hospital’s research room and resume the project there. Once the project is close to completion, pause the game and go back to your new hospital/research room.

Here, resume the progress, and you will see that the project is close to completion. You can move back and forth this way quickly to complete the research projects for your new hospital and level.

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