Titanfall 2 Multiplayer is Running at 900p on PlayStation 4, Will Single Player hit 1080p?

Titanfall 2 multiplayer was shown in detail recently and digital foundry did an analysis to find some very interesting information. The multiplayer section of the game is running at 900p but 60FPS on PlayStation 4. Of course, there are occasional frame rate drops but overall the game runs smoothly.

The original Titanfall also failed to hit the mark in terms of resolution and we hoped to see things improve with the sequel. However, it looks like even PlayStation 4 is not powerful enough to handle the game at 1080p with 60FPS

Frame rate is king when it comes to first person shooters so sacrificing 180p of resolution isn’t a bad idea. What will be interesting to see is the single player campaign, will the game run at FULL HD? We’ll see once the game comes out or if EA and Respawn choose to share details with us beforehand.

Keep in mind that Respawn may improve the build before final release, however, it is unlikely that Titanfall 2 multiplayer will hit 1080p 60FPS due to current-gen hardware limitations.

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You can find the entire video analysis posted above.

On a related note, PlayStation Meeting is announced for September 7 so we may see more of Titanfall 2 during the event. The show will be live streamed and we expect to see PlayStation 4 Neo present.

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