Titanfall 2 is Coming Together Nicely, Looks Amazing: CEO Andrew Wilson

It has been almost 2 years since Respawn’s online shooter Titanfall was released. Although some might say it was overly hyped and failed to live-up to it, Titanfall was still a decent game one that surely deserved a sequel.

From day one, we pretty much knew EA would already be working on Titanfall 2, and that was indeed the case. However, there wasn’t any radio contact from EA or Respawn regarding Titanfall 2 for a while. Fans eager to hear something about Titanfall 2 should know that EA CEO Andrew Wilson said that he has seen the game and has complete faith in the development team.

He said that the new Titanfall experience “looks amazing” and Respawn is gunning to deliver a great product. He also revealed that Titanfall 2 will release in the fiscal year 2017, along with a new Battlefront game. We looking at a release sometime before April 2017.

He shared this information during an earnings call, where EA shared its revenue details.

Originally, Titanfall was a Xbox and Windows exclusive but it has been confirmed that the next installment will release on PlayStation 4.

We’re working on a sequel. No official name yet, but we’re working on that. That’s the main focus, but we’re starting up a second team and doing some smaller stuff, too. Small, exploratory – [we’re] taking it slow. It’ll be multiplatform.

We are also hoping to see a single-player campaign this time around.

For the longest time now, EA has been looking for something that can truly take down Call of Duty. Something that can compete with the sheer scale and market of Activision’s franchise. Titanfall could have been that game but I think EA made two terrible mistakes. One was making it exclusive to a brand that was, at the time, struggling to restore its positive image among gamers; a multi-platform game would have been much better. Secondly, not having a single-player campaign.

Hopefully, EA has learned its lesson.

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